SA charities benefit from lottery donations

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SA charities benefit from lottery donations

Two South Australian charities received $50,000 donations from the Lott, just before Christmas.

Casino Aus reports that with an eye on health services, the Lott chose the Childhood Cancer Association and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation for the holiday cheer.

The lottery organisation that unites the official charities of Australia regularly contributes millions of dollars to charities.

Some are individual donations to families or people in need, while others are directed to large foundations that work for a cause or a larger goal, with respect to health, research, education and disaster relief.

Its total for the last fiscal year exceeded $1.4 billion.

The Lott, through SA Lotteries, wanted to surprise people who work for those charities with the holiday donations.

The Lott spokesperson Bronwyn Spencer said the reactions from the people in the room was “incredible”.

She said it rewards the organisations for their hard work and care for South Australian families.

WCHF Head of Fundraising Corinne Habel said the monetary donation will help them upgrade the Home Equipment Centre.

“There are so many children that want to get home from hospital as quickly as possible but require special equipment to make this happen. This will go a long way to helping children get back to their families sooner.”

CCA chief executive Cath O’Loughlin was also surprised and said it couldn’t be better timing, just before the Christmas holiday.

“This donation will go a long way to provide essential services to families in need, right from their time of diagnosis. From there, we can tailor our support to meet the individual needs of each family throughout treatment and beyond.”

Workers from both charitable organisations were surprised and grateful.

Ms Spencer said the Lott wanted to recognise their dedication and simply “wanted to do something to help them continue the wonderful work they do for others.”

Focus on charities

In the 12 months preceding June 30, 2019, the Lott revealed it donated more than $1 billion to community initiatives.

In fact, the number was close to $1.4 billion.

In the area of health and medical research, it focuses on a variety of needs.

Past donations were dedicated to building new hospitals and other forms of infrastructure.

This year, the Lott went beyond to try to fund services and programs.

Lotto attracting more players after changes

Wagering group Tabcorp is paying out more Powerball and Oz Lotto winners as its average top-end jackpot pools increase, attracting more gamblers and a revenue boom that could tip over $90 million, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Tabcorp said on Tuesday it had paid out more winners since it made changes to the game in April last year, up between 55 and 75 per cent, and that the average value of jackpots offered when at $15 million or more had lifted from $28.4 million in 2018 to $37.8 million this financial year.

The Powerball changes increased the chances of winning any prize from 1 in 78 to 1 in 44 by requiring players to picking seven numbers from a barrel of 35 balls as opposed to six from 40.

The changes also introduced a ninth prize division.

Tabcorp chief executive David Attenborough attributed the increase in jackpots and therefore people playing, for Powerball and Oz Lotto to “favourable jackpot sequences”, or plainly, luck.

“Powerball and Oz Lotto are our two jackpot game sand in the first 10 months of this financial year they have already recorded 39 large jackpots of $15 million-plus. This is around the number of jackpots we would typically expect in a full year,” Mr Attenborough said at a presentation to the 2019 Macquarie Conference on Tuesday.

“Our results in the current year are also benefiting from some favourable jackpot sequences – $45 million of revenue benefit in the first half, and at least another $45 million in the second half.

“Contributing to this is the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot, which is now at a record $59 million.”

Nearly half of all players who signed up to Powerball during large jackpots went on to play more than one game in the next three months,” Tabcorp said.

There have been two $100 million-plus Powerball jackpots in the past nine months – one in mid-August 2018 and another in January 2019.

The barrel changes and the introduction of a ninth prize division helped more gamblers win, Tabcorp said.

Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association CEO Ben Kearney said lotto customers had reacted positively to the changes.

“Our members were nervous about the changes initially. They always are because they are concerned about how customers will react,” Mr Kearney said.

“But the jackpots lifted very quickly and we also had somebody win it very early. That put to bed most of those concerns,” he said.

Tabcorp and Tatts merged in late 2017 to create an $11 billion gaming giant.

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