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Search goes on for $1 million Queensland Lotto winner

Fri, Jan 20, 9:33am by Staff Writer

Back on December 19, the Monday and Wednesday Gold Lotto draw conducted by Tatts Group produced a single Division One winner, but according to officials, that AUD$1 million ticket has yet to be claimed.

Draw number 3618 dispensed winning numbers of 4, 10, 6, 33, 11 and 38, with supplementary numbers of 28 and 23, which matched those contained on a ticket sold in the Queensland Sunshine Coast suburb of Maroochydore. But because that ticket wasn’t registered to a Winners’ Circle card – which are issued by Tatts to regular lotto players to make results tracking easier – the lotto firm has no clue who the winner might be.

Tatts officials have issued a press release to inform the punting public in Maroochydore and surrounding areas that a seven-figure windfall was waiting to be claimed.

Claire Taylor, who serves as a spokesperson for Golden Casket lotto in Queensland, commented on the curious case of a newfound millionaire having no idea about their life-changing win:

“It’s incredible to think that someone could be holding on to an unregistered Monday Gold Lotto ticket worth $1 million and still not know it after almost one month!”

The winning ticket was sold by the Cotton Tree News, a local newsstand located at 1/9 King Street in Maroochydore.

But while a physical address is pivotal in narrowing down the winner’s likely location, Taylor was quick to point out that the ticket’s point-of-sale location doesn’t necessarily have to correspond with the winner’s residence:

“It could have been someone holidaying in Maroochydore or visiting family ahead of Christmas, or simply a local customer – but since the winner didn’t register their ticket to a Winners Circle Card it’s anyone’s guess!”

“We’re all guilty of shoving that pile of papers in a drawer or cupboard in a quick tidy-up and being a bit slow to unpack from holiday, so the division winning ticket could be just waiting for rediscovery.”

In sounding the alarm to lotto players throughout Queensland, Taylor and Golden Casket made it quite clear what players with pending tickets should do next:

“You may not think it’s possible that you could be the mystery millionaire we’re searching for, but if you purchased an unregistered entry in Monday Gold Lotto in Maroochydore that you haven’t quite got around to checking, you’re in with a chance!

“We recommend anyone who believes they are holding the division one winning entry to keep it in a safe place and contact Golden Casket as soon as possible on 131 868 to start the prize claim process.”

Per the Tatts press release, there have been 255 Division One lotto winners throughout the current financial year, with 53 of those sold to Golden Casket players in Queensland.

To make checking old lotto tickets easier, Golden Casket provides a handy service wherein players can enter their 11-digit ticket number to see what they’re worth. This 11-digit number is different from the actual lotto numbers, so be sure to enter the Ticket Number beginning with 01-, followed by XXXXXX – XXXXX, when utilising this service.

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