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South Australia still demanding live sport betting ad ban

Fri, Mar 31, 9:57am by Senior Writer

The South Australian government will continue to push for a ban on gambling advertising during live sport despite the move being defeated in federal parliament.

South Australia Senator Nick Xenophon had wanted to add a ban on live sport advertising into the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill which was recently passed by the Senate, but failed to get the required support.

A subsequent move to create a separate bill with further amendments looks to be dead before it has even reached a vote, seemingly ending the chances of an advertising ban.

But South Australian consumer minister and deputy premier John Rau will continue to press for more changes in federal gambling legislation when he meets with state and federal ministers on Friday.

He is adamant that advertising during children’s viewing times is leading to a normalisation of gambling behaviour and is causing massive social issues.

“Online gambling is a growing social menace. Cosmetic change is not enough,” he said.

“Purveyors of online gambling are about the “normalisation” of gambling. Children are a significant target of this grooming behaviour.”

“Most children now have access to smartphones. Gambling websites are just a click away, with almost no controls to protect the young and the vulnerable.”

Rau also wants an end to any inducements to opening an account and enforce stricter ID requirements for those who open their accounts. He has also suggested that there be a periodic revalidation of online gambling accounts.

“The predatory practice of using inducements and incentives to promote gambling is a cynical exploitation of children and the vulnerable,” he said.

“If children were accessing alcohol or tobacco there would be an outcry. It’s time we got serious about online gambling too.”

Anti-gambling sentiment is good politics in South Australia with Xenophon having tapped into significant community concern in the state over the gambling.

He has built his parliamentary career on being a No Pokies MP in both state and federal parliament, His influence has now grown to include one Lower House seat and three Upper House seats in the federal parliament.

NXT received nearly 22 per cent of Senate votes in SA during the 2016 federal election.

South Australia will be the first state to introduce a 15 per cent point of consumption tax on online gambling from July 1 this year.

The success or otherwise of that tax will be closely monitored with federal treasurer Scott Morrison indicating recently it may be something that is considered at a federal level.

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