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South Australian man wins $40m Powerball

Mon, Mar 4, 9:43am by Staff Writer

A South Australian man is $40 million richer after being named the winner of last Thursday’s Powerball draw.

The excited father had been playing Powerball for seven years and had purchased QuickPicks on many occasions he told

One day he decided to use family birthdates instead of computer generated numbers and he started to notice a change in his fortunes.

“Once I changed the numbers, I started to win a few small things here and there so I thought to myself ‘I’m not going to change these, I’m going to stick to them’,” he said.

The man and his wife are “over the moon” about being crowned new multi millionaires, but he isn’t planning to blow his fortune on a bigger house or luxury car.

The father in his 50s lives in a regional community on the outskirts of Adelaide with his family and wants to use his winnings to help those around him.

“I’m not into flashy houses or cars – it’s all about family first,” he said.

“We are quite involved in the local community. We’d love to give back to the charities and organisations close to our heart in the community.”

“We’ve been doing it tough the last few years so this will make a whole world of difference to my family,” he said.

The winning numbers in the draw were 7, 5, 13, 4, 2, 14, 11 and a Powerball of 14.

“I checked the numbers and recognised a few of them were mine, so I double checked them again.”

He showed his wife and she told him “something must be wrong” and didn’t believe they had actually won until they received the confirmation call on Friday morning.

There were six division two winners who received $83,887.80 each, while 79 division three winners took home prizes of $3.893.55 each.

The last time an Australian Powerball player took home $40 million was in May 2014, where a Brisbane father had the winning numbers.

To win the top prize in Powerball, players have to match all seven numbers plus the Powerball, which is drawn from a separate barrel. They can either choose a randomly generated QuickPick entry or select their own numbers.

Players can improve their chances of winning by purchasing a Power Hit entry, which guarantees the Powerball number, a System entry, which lets them choose up to 20 numbers or a Pick entry that guarantees up to two winning numbers from the main barrel.

The chances of winning with a single game are just one in 134.490,400.

Sydney woman takes home biggest Powerball jackpot in Australian history

Earlier this year a Sydney woman took home more than $100 million after winning the Powerball jackpot.

This win was the biggest individual prize ever won in Australian lotto history.

An official from the Lott called the registered player directly after the draw to break the news.

When confirming the news, the winner initially revealed she thought she had won $107,000.

The regular player, who wished to remain anonymous, purchased her 12-game marked entry online, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I’ve had such a tumultuous day, so I don’t know where I am and what I am doing,” the woman said.

“I don’t understand – is this actually? Is this a trick? Oh my God, $107,000! That’s amazing,” she said.

Little did she know that her sum was far bigger than that.

“Wait – are you telling me I’ve won $107 million? Oh my God! That is just so much money,” she said.

The Lott spokesman Matt Hart told Yahoo News they had to honour the winner’s wishes to remain anonymous under a federal privacy act.

He said there was a surprising reach why most Australians chose to remain anonymous, and it’s not because they are worried about being robbed.

“People’s main concern is they don’t want to be viewed differently by friends and family,” Mr Hart said.

“It’s quite an Australian thing. We’re down to earth and people don’t want to be seen as flashy.”

“Winners choose to keep it quiet and it’s quite humble.”

Mr Hart said many winners did not opt to give their name or address, but were happy to share other details including age and occupation.

When asked how she planned to spend her windfall, the winner revealed her family was first and foremost in her mind.

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