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Report: 33 offshore sports betting sites leave Aussie market

Wed, Nov 7, 12:38am by beta

A new report by the Australian Communications and Media Authority says more than 30 offshore betting companies have left the Aussie market since September 2017. Australia online gambling laws are a point of major discussion in the country, particularly at this time of the year. It is a tense time for Australian sports betting players.

Ahead of the Melbourne Cup, a high-traffic sports betting day in Australia, the ACMA states 33 offshore betting websites have withdrawn their services from the Australian market. This goes back to September of 2017, when the government allowed the communications branch to exert more authority over this issue.

Stiffer punishments were permitted, and the ACMA created a group to go after the offshore-betting market. Offshore betting is a thorny subject for the government. It is also touchy for groups that want this industry regulated.

How Is The ACMA Enforcing These Rules?

It seems as though the government has won this round of the battle. The ACMA estimates spending in the offshore-gambling market will drop by over 50 percent. The group accomplished this by contacting the websites with warnings, or getting in touch with the bodies monitoring these sites in their countries. Also, the ACMA has reached out to software providers who make the games for their sites. However, no one has been prosecuted yet.

There are still many factors at play with this ongoing issue for Australian gambling players. Australia’s legalized betting partners advocate for a relaxation of the law against in-play (live) for online bettors. Many believe allowing in-play betting would decrease the number of players going to offshore betting sites to make these types of wagers.

Currently, Australian sports bettors cannot make these in-play bets on the internet. However, they can make them over the phone or in TABs. As you can imagine, there are definitely members of the Australian government who oppose this suggestion. ACMA supporters advocate for the group to exert more power to provide stronger punishments for offshore-betting sites.

Who Believes Australian Sports Betting and Gambling Should Be Regulated Online?

On the other side, you have the Australian Online Poker Alliance, which was founded by Joseph Del Duca. He and many other industry insiders believe 33 is a small number of online properties to leave the market. Del Duca says there are more offshore-betting sites than ever before for Australian sports betting players.

Del Duca has plenty of experience in going up against the government in terms of online betting and poker. He took the stand to testify in the defence of online poker in front of The Environment and Communications References Committee in August 2017, only a month before the ACMA was created.

This is definitely an issue worth keeping an eye on as both sides are not budging in their points of view. But you could say that this was a win for the government. How big of a win, however, still remains to be seen.

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