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Tabcorp moves quickly to sign digital deal with 1116 NSW pubs

Tue, Apr 11, 11:08am by Senior Writer

Tabcorp has moved quickly to shore up its digital partnerships in the wake of being blindsided by a deal between Clubs NSW and Crownbet.

The gambling and wagering superpower, which is currently seeking regulatory approval for a merger with Tatts which would create an $11 billion behemoth, has signed with the Australian Hotels Association in a deal which secures it exclusive digital partner status in 1116 hotels in New South Wales.

The deal will see hotels gain a commission from bets placed within the TAB venue on TAB products and enable venues to profit from what will effectively be affiliate deals in that they will gain ongoing commissions from any customers they sign up to a TAB account in their venue.

The benefit for Tabcorp is ensuring traditional TAB patrons don’t switch to corporate bookmakers and gives venues incentives to promote TAB retail products.

Crownbet caused a massive stir by signing a digital partnership relationship with ClubsNSW which gives them access to the details of patrons at NSW’s 1200 clubs through the operation of rewards programs.

Similar to the TAB deal, Crownbet would also pay a commission back to the venues for patrons who would sign up to Crownbet’s products. This is despite TAB operating a retail wagering licence through the same venues.

The deal was initially decried as illegal by Tabcorp, which was completely blindsided, but it has moved quickly to ensure its traditional retail business is protected by singing this deal with the AHA.

“We are pleased to reach this agreement with the AHA NSW and its member hotels. Having a bet in a pub is an Australian social tradition and this partnership helps us and our venues to deliver the best wagering experience,” Tabcorp CEO David Attenborough said.

“At the same time, we are making sure pubs benefit no matter how customers choose to bet within the venue.”

AHA CEO John Whelan said the agreement was an evolution of the existing agreements that operate between Tabcorp and its venues.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Tabcorp for a further five years. We’re particularly excited with the direction Tabcorp is heading with digital wagering in PubTABs and we’re looking forward to the roll-out of new hotel products and technology over the next five years,” Whelan said

“You can’t beat an afternoon at your local pub with friends having a few bets. It’s a unique Australian tradition. This partnership will allow us to provide punters an even better pub wagering experience.”

Crownbet recently objected to the proposed Tatts-Tabcorp merger, further raising tensions between the companies.  

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