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TatvaSoft Australia launches new mobile poker software platform

Tue, Apr 18, 10:01am by Staff Writer

In a recently issued press release, software developer Tatvasoft Australia announced the launch of its new ‘Online Poker Gaming Platform’ mobile product.

As part of the company’s comprehensive approach, the software has been designed to ‘run under any OS without any additional installation of software or plug-ins.’

TatvaSoft is an Indian company with offices around the world, including New York, Toronto, and London, along with operations in Sydney and Melbourne under its TatvaSoft Australia imprint. Specialising in a wide range of software design projects, TatvaSoft Australia has created web apps like the real estate driven City Finder, the foodservice backend servicer Restaurant Management System, and even the Golf Simulation Tool.

Developed in conjunction with an unnamed client, the online poker platform produced by TatvaSoft Australia represents the company’s first foray into the iGaming industry. Despite that inexperience, however, the published specifications for its mobile online poker operating system display clear competence and knowledge of the industry’s intricacies.

Along with the standard offering of Texas Hold’em, the system is configurable to offer several alternative poker formats, such as Omaha, Five-Card Stud, and Seven-Card Stud.

The convenient ‘Player Seat Allocation’ feature allows users to select specific seats at a cash game table, rather than just the table itself. Within the world of poker, seating selection and the resulting table position can be of paramount importance, a fact TatvaSoft Australia’s design team took into consideration.

The company’s ‘World Wide Clock’ function enables players from any time zone on the planet to connect directly to the same tournament in real time.

With the ‘Manage Waiting List menu, players can add their name to the queue for full tables.

One especially fun feature gives winning players the chance to show either one or both cards from their hand before dragging the pot. Revealing one’s hole cards in situations where it’s not forced can add drama and intrigue to a poker game, and once again TatvaSoft Australia endeavored to replicate the live experience with its mobile software.

Another element appealing to recreational players gives them the opportunity to select images and photos for use as their onscreen avatar.

On the backend site, online poker room operators are invited to use the company’s proprietary time-based job scheduling system CRON to set up daily and series tournament schedules.

Operators can also tinker with the gameplay layout, customizing aspects like the betting slider, card graphics, and pot calculation displays to best suit their brand.

TatvaSoft Australia is also committed to game integrity, installing an innovative ‘License Check’ component to regularly ensure that operators are keeping all required licenses current with the relevant regulatory authority.

The company’s mobile online poker room platform utilizes the Java Integrated Development Environment from Eclipse, along with the MySQL and MangoDB databases. Other technological and coding elements used by TatvaSoft Australia include Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JQuery, and Spring Rest API.

The press release makes repeated mention to an unknown client, going so far as to describe a successful implementation phase:

“With such extensive features in the system, the need providing exceptional gaming service was fulfilled,” it read.

“Apart from this, the clients were highly benefited from the system as it boosted revenue growth in online poker gaming business.”

The identity of that client has not yet been released, positioning the recent press release as an advertisement for future online poker software provision offered by TatvaSoft Australia.

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