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Taylor sensed ‘something was wrong’ with banned star Tim Simona

Tue, Mar 14, 9:17am by Senior Writer

The implosion of Tim Simona’s career was something his Wests Tigers coach Jason Taylor sensed was coming, but he couldn’t have predicted just how spectacular and swift the end would come.

Speaking to Fox Sports, Taylor revealed he had concerns over Simona’s development as a player over the past couple of years, but was oblivious to the player being involved in betting, something which saw him deregistered by the NRL last week.

He did say that Simona’s multitude of issues, which have been uncovered during the betting scandal, explained why the 25-year-old had been unable to progress himself as a player.

“I can’t imagine how he got through every week at training and through games with all that going on in the back of his mind,” Taylor said.

“That would have been holding him back every step of the way.”

“The big thing for me is that I have been worried about Tim’s progress for some time,” he said. “And when I talk about progress, I mean as a player.”

Simona was renowned as a brilliant but inconsistent player and while Taylor worked to try and make him a more consistent contributor, he found that Simona was a difficult player to coach

“For me, there were questions about why he was like that and sometimes that’s just who players are and you don’t get to the bottom of that,” he says. “It’s just that they don’t have the ability to produce their best week in and week out.”

“So while I didn’t know any of this stuff was going on for it to be perceived out there that I had no idea that something was wrong, that’s not correct. I had an idea, I just didn’t know what.”

Simona went through the mandatory NRL training involving gambling, but it apparently had no effect on his behaviour.

Simona opened up on his fall from grace in an interview earlier this week.  

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