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Thursday Powerball Lottery Draw Offers $20 Million Division 1 Prize

Fri, Aug 16, 12:57pm by Kevin Pitstock

Play Powerball Lotto GamesThe Thursday draw for Powerball will offer a $20 million Division 1 prize. The draw will be held on August 15 and the draw closes at 7:30pm AEST.

As the draw gets closer, players might want to remember the latest $20 million lotto draw in Australia, which happened just last Saturday. On that evening, 20 Powerball tickets won the Division 1 prize, allowing 20 Australians or Aussie syndicates to walk away with over a million dollars apiece.

Saturday Lotto $20 Million Superdraw Winners

Tonight’s $20 million draw is not the only big jackpot that’s been up for grabs in the past week. On last Saturday’s New South Wales Saturday Lotto $20 Million Superdraw, twenty new winners were created. Each winner collected a Division 1 prize of $1,052,631.58. For several days, 19 of the players had received their winnings, while a mysterious unregistered punter had not come forward to claim their prize. That winner was announced on Thursday, August 15 by Tatts’ spokesperson, Belinda McDougall. As you might have expected, the elusive 20th winner decided to remain anonymous.

Belinda McDougall used the incident to point out to players it is best for them to register their card at the time of purchase. That way, Tatts can find winners automatically. Registering your tickets means you’ll have no lost opportunities. Among the many big Australian lotteries, ten or more prizes have gone unclaimed over the years. Elsewhere in the world, people who didn’t register or sign their name on their cards (allegedly) had their prizes stolen.

Tip on Registering Lottery Tickets

That’s why Ms McDougall said the following, “Instead of being able to call to tell them they were one of Victoria’s newest millionaires, we had to wait for the winner to contact us. Tatts always recommends customers register their entries to a Tatts Card as it ensures their prize is secure and we can contact them directly with news of a division one win.”

The final winner bought their ticket from a Casterton Newsagency and Lotto, 77 Henty Street in Casterton, Victoria. The big prize appears to have drawn many first-time lotto gamblers, as twenty winners from across Australia is a large number of Division One prizes. Luckily for all involved, they still received just over a million dollars apiece, so they can call themselves millionaires.

Launceston Woman Drinks Champagne

Another winner announced she was going to celebrate with a bottle of French champagne. This winning ticket holder, an anonymous woman from Launceston, bought her jackpot lotto ticket at Prospect Lotto, Shops 13 – 14, Olde Tudor Shopping Centre, Bass Highway in Launceston. This is the second time in a month that Prospect Lotto has sold a winner, so that lottery venue may be on a bit of a hot streak.

Anyone Can Win the Powerball Lottery

These stories point out that average people win the lottery all the time. Most winners use their prizes to buy their first home, get a new car, or go on a dream vacation. Some provide for their parents’ retirement or share with friends. When a $20 million prize is being offered, like tonight, it’s time for a whole new list of average citizens to have a life-changing event.

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