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US casino handed fine for violations

Tue, Apr 30, 5:38pm by Staff Writer

The Sands Casino Resort has been fined by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board for two violations, The Brown and White reports.

The fines totaled to $242,500 according to the control board.

The first fine was for 11 incidents, in which “individuals under the age of 21 accessed the gaming floor,” and some of them were served alcohol.

The second was for “permitting the issuance of free slot play by employees who are not authorized to do so and/or issuing slot play of amounts about authorized levels.”

These fines are not a rare occurrence of casinos, according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s spokesman Richard McGarvey.

“The Gaming Control Board fines casinos more for underage gaming than for anything else.” McGarvey said.

“I hate to say this problem is not abnormal. We put a lot of emphasis on casinos to make sure they are carding people when they come in and making sure they’re not allowing underage individuals to get on the gaming floor to gamble,” he said.

Kari Moffat is working on a group documentary about the casino’s impact on the South Bethlehem community called “Betting on Bethlehem” and said Lehigh students are not included in the effects.

She said Sands Casino does not focus on college students as part of the demographic it targets.

“I think in what we’ve learned, Lehigh hasn’t really come up,” Moffat said.

“I think it’s interesting when Sands came, they were told not to market to Lehigh students. I don’t think it’s become part of their strategy anyway. They’ve got a different marketing strategy,” she said.

Sands Casino has not tried to appeal the fines.

It has instead entered a consent agreement with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to handle the situation.

“There’s not really an appeal to take place here,” McGarvey said.

“They freely entered into the consent agreement with the gaming control board, so it’s nothing something that they will try to go back in and appeal.”

“They had the opportunity when we were going through all this and say no, but in this case, they signed an agreement with us to understand what they did wrong, pay the fine and take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future,” McGarvey said.

It is unknown whether or not the business will be negatively impacted by the fines, but McGarvey clarified that the fines issued by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board are not in efforts to injure the casino, but rather improve it.

Irish regulator expected in late 2020

A new centralised Irish gambling regulator has begun to take shape, but won’t be up and running until late 2020 at the earliest, according to Casino Betting News.

Officials have confirmed that the regulator will need as many as 18 months to start functioning as it needs legislative approvals before it can issue gambling licenses and permits in the country.

The legislation will also give it powers to impose fines and manage the expanding online gambling industry.

Betting companies are currently receiving their license from the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland as there is no independent body looking after consumer protection measures and provide industry oversight in the country.

A new government study suggests that the new Irish regulator will be similar to the UK Gambling Commission, which regulates the UK National Lottery in Great Britain alongside licensing authorities while regulating commercial gambling activities.

The Minister of State in Ireland David Stanton made the announcement about the regulator last week, stating that gambling should be a “safe, fair and entertaining activity for the majority of those who choose to take part.”

Mr Stanton is also seeking player protections while limiting the harmful effects of gambling on young people who are prone to addiction.

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