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Victoria the luckiest Lotto state in 2016

Sat, Dec 17, 9:40am by Staff Writer

According to figures released by, more Division One Lotto jackpots were won in the state of Victoria than anywhere else in Australia during the last year.

The statistical data – which covers the period between the December 1, 2015 and the November 30, 2016 – revealed that Victoria was the place of sale for 156 winning tickets for the Division One jackpot.

All told, winners sold in the state accounted for 30 percent of the 503 Division One prizes awarded throughout Australia over the preceding 12 months – taking home AUD$244.6 million in winnings.

Victoria was crowned as the country’s Top Lotto State as part of Tatts’ Lotto Hotspot study, which attempted to pin down the locations where winning tickets were sold most often.

The closest competitor behind Victoria in terms of Division One jackpot winners was New South Wales, which dispensed 117 (AUD$268.3 million), followed by 99 winners (AUD$201.7 million) in Queensland.

Elissa Lewis, a spokesperson for Tatts, spoke of the Lotto Hotspots study as a celebration of Australia’s most enduring jackpot tales to take place over the last year:

“Reflecting back on the year, there’s certainly a number of division one winning stories from 2016 that have really resonated with people.”

“Victoria kicked off its winning year in February when it claimed twin wins in Set for Life with consecutive, back to back 1st Prize wins of $20,000 each month for 20 years won in draw 197 and 198 won in Churchill and Irymple – by a hobby fisherman and a green-thumb! After an intense three day search in May, a $40 million Oz Lotto prize was claimed by a married couple from Victoria’s dairy farming town of Leongatha.”

Among the revelations gleaned from the Lotto Hotspots report was the fact that metropolitan Melbourne represented the most frequent source for sales of Division One winners.

Specifically speaking, the postcodes of 3000 in Melbourne CBD and 3064 in Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park – in northern Melbourne – were identified as selling four jackpot winners each. The 3000 postcode was home to AUD$9.4 million in winnings, while the 3064 area dispensed AUD$3.7 million to lucky players.

But despite emphasizing the concept of Lotto Hotspots as a promotional ploy, Lewis and Tatts were careful to caution hopeful players, warning them that prior results are in no way predictive of future drawings:

“While it’s tempting to think about rushing to the lotto hotspots to buy your next ticket, lotto players should remember that lottery games are entertaining games of chance and every number on your ticket has an equal chance of being drawn, no matter where you buy your ticket.”

“There’s no way of knowing where the next big lotto prize will land and there’s only one way to improve your chances of winning – buy a ticket!”

Just days after the Lotto Hotspots report was released, Tatts announced that an as yet unidentified player in Western Australia won the AUD$10 million Division One jackpot in the Oz Lotto drawing. The Oz Lotto was identified by Tatts’ study as the lottery program which paid out the two largest jackpots over the last 12 months.

On Saturday December 31, players throughout Australia can take their shot at winning a massive AUD$31 million jackpot prize via the New Year’s Eve Megadraw.

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