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Virtual reality and the future of casino gaming

Fri, May 17, 8:44am by Staff Writer

Casino technology is continuously evolving thanks to cutting edge modernisations that are being developed.

CIO Review reports some of the latest trends that should peak the interest of those interest in online betting and gambling, with a slant on the future of casino industry.

The Virtual Reality (VR) headset market has been steadily on the rise, with a large number of casino games being developed to incorporate this engaging software.

VR has turned out to be an excellent option for players who want to avoid visiting casinos in person, but still want to cherish the realistic fervors of table games like blackjack and poker.

Traditionalists who postulated that digital casino gaming would provide a menial experience have been proven wrong, as VR has enhanced the excitement of players.

It has made games interactive, so the experience almost border on a real-life occurrence.

An offshoot of Virtual Reality is Agumented Reality (AR) that is not lagging behind VR in becoming a casino trend in undergoing experimentation, research and development.

The superimposition of the real and the virtual bring live dealers to the player’s doorstep, making augmented gameplay experiences possible.

Wearable devices such as smart watches and other such gadgets are also becoming an increasingly familiar sight, although casino operators are aware of the risks these could pose to the integrity of the gaming experience.

Some land-based casinos have banned smart gadgets entirely, but most of the online casinos have received wearable gadgets with open arms as these technologies help players quickly access their ideal games without even accessing their cell phones.

Cybersecurity experts have propagated that quantum cryptography will protect an unlimited number of IT services as the evolution of computing will enable criminals to crack prevailing encrypted services and systems effortlessly.

Quantum technology, which renders the flow of data entirely uncrackable, will not only help in protecting casino game data but also the transactions carried out by customers.

Each of these technologies will enhance the player’s experience in some way or the other, directly or indirectly.

Changing tech and the rise of gaming

Technological development in casinos once focused solely on personal computers and how they would evolve.

Fast forward 10 years later and a new generation of consoles are available, meaning that a new breed of games are required to appeal to the casual gamer.

The idea of competitive gaming on consoles was dismissed as being optimistic according to BMM Magazine, yet they were proven wrong.

Not surprisingly, mobile devices were never given a chance in this competitive industry and frowned up as gadgets for casual gamers.

Today mobile gaming is big business and some of the most anticipated games are created exclusively for smartphones and tablets.

The modern tablet and smartphone is almost, if not just as powerful as computers and laptops in terms of running quality games.

The main limitation of these devices are their smaller displays, which can make it a challenge for players to pick up some of the more intricate features of games.

Virtual reality technology and the fact modern smartphones and tablets have bigger screens has gone some way to addressing that problem.

Players enjoy some terrific graphics on handheld devices and it improves each and every year.

The most important milestone in the growth of mobile gaming according to BMM Magazine is the use of multiplayer games for tablets and smartphones.

Video games and developers are now confronted with a new challenge, with multiplayer-facing games requiring perfect coordination.

Mobile devices are plagued by less responsive controls and they are not designed for multi tasking.

With the esports gaming industry already huge and growing, it comes as no surprise that video game developers want to expand to mobile devices.

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