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Wilson Raj Peramul Masterminded Match-Fixing for Over a Decade

Tue, Sep 24, 12:55pm by Kevin Pitstock

Raj PeramulReports in The World Today indicate that Wilson Raj Peramul, the mastermind behind an Australian match-fixing syndicate, operated on the underside of the sports betting world for over a decade. A former Interpol officer and IFF head of security says the Singaporean match-fixer has been operating at least since 1995, when he was a jailed for match-fixing crimes in Singapore.

Though he was not connected to the fixing of matches for another 12 years, he has been linked to two major international cases, including a Finnish scandal and the infamous Asiagate. Some reports suggest Mr Peramul may have been tied to the 2013 Europol scandal, which was discovered by Operation VETO.

Southern Stars Match-Fixing

Authorities have arrested Wilson Raj Peramul for masterminding the entire scheme. Though first identified as a Malaysian man, it appears Mr Peramul is from Singapore. The recent Southern Stars scandal has led to the arrest of 10 individuals, including several Southern Stars players and a coach. Players who’ve been arrested include Ryan Hervel, Joe Woolle, Nicholas McCoy, Reiss Noel, and David Obaze. All are mid-tier British players who were brought to the Stars along with the coach, Zaya Younan.

Each played with no compensation, which the Southern Stars owner has said delighted the club’s board of trustees. Now it’s known why men would play for free, as the syndicate fixing the matches may have collected over AUD $2,000,000 in winnings from their corrupt wagers. These men are alleged to have fixed every single Stars match this season. Yet the mastermind of the scheme appears to have been Wilson Raj Peramul.

Asiagate Scandal

Asiagate was a previous match fixing scandal which in which a club team from Zimbabwe donned the national colours and took a tour as the Zimbabwe National Team. During this tour, the team is thought to have fixed matches. Asiagate included matches involving teams from Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Oman, Jordan, Bulgaria, The People’s Republic of China, Thailand, and Yemen. The fixed matches took place during a tour of Asia from 2007 until 2009, when the Zimbabwean National Team lost a string of matches to Asian teams.

The case has never been successfully unravelled, as ZIFA Chief Executive Jonathan Mashingaidze was abducted in February 2012 during his investigations into the conduct of his countrymen. In March 2012, 98 different Zimbabwean players had been banned from the sport, due to ongoing investigations. The head coach and an assistant coach also were suspended.

Finnish Match Fixing Scandal

Wilson Raj Peramul was arrested in February of 2011 by Finnish authorities, where he spent two years in a Finnish prison. During that time, he spoke with the authorities about his international match-fixing scheme, which helped unravel and international web of deceit. Peramul eventually was turned over to Hungarian authorities.

Operation VETO

Operation VETO is a 2013 Europol investigation of match fixing which took place mainly in the Turkish, German, and Swiss football leagues. Matches in Latin America, Asia, and Africa also might have been involved. Some reports indicated 2 World Cup qualifying matches might have been involved, though this has yet to be proven.

The crime syndicate which paid up to €2,000,000 in bribes was based out of Singapore. Though Wilson Raj Peramul has yet to be positively identified with the Europol investigation, authorities have suggested (given his Singaporean connections) he might have been involved.

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