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WSOP Main Event November Nine News and David Benefield Spotlight

Wed, Sep 11, 12:19am by Kevin Pitstock

2013 WSOPTwo months before the WSOP Main event culminates in the November Nine competition in Paradise, Nevada, the members of the final table continue to receive brisk coverage by the global poker media. David Benefield, who currently sits in 9th place among the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event’s November Nine, recently gave an interview with Card Player magazine in which he detailed his career until now and his strategy when the WSOP Main Event Final Table finally begins in early November 2013.

David Benefield left college after 3 weeks of school to pursue poker. He became a poker player, then returned to school two other times, spending time in 3 separate universities around the United States. He build up a bankroll in online poker under the name “Raptor” and now plays high stakes games online. With $630,000 in live earnings, the 27 year old player is also known to play in Macau.

David Benefield’s WSOP Odds

When asked whether he would have a legitimate chance to win at the November Nine, David Benefield said he only has 13 times the big blind, so he’s going to need to get lucky to get in the mix. He’ll need to get some good cards in one of the early hands and go all-in, or else his chip stack will dwindle to an insignificant amount. If he can get lucky with his hole cards, pick his spots, and get lucky a couple of times in the all-in draws, he might build enough chips to become a factor.

Either way, Benefield has received a significant amount of publicity and (if there was a doubt before) can call himself a legitimate poker professional. Despite his youth, Mr Benefield has the 4th largest WSOP career earnings of the players remaining at the table. His position is similar to Michiel Brummelhuis and Mark Newhouse, who sit at 7th and 8th respectively in chip stacks.

WSOP Middle Chip Stacks

The men who are 4th, 5th, and 6th in chips heading into the WSOP Main Event final table find themselves in a much different spot. Jay Farber, Ryan Riess, and Sylvain Loosli each have at least half the chips of the stack leader at present, J.C. Tran. One double-up against the leader and they would be the tournament chip leader, so they are a danger to anyone else at the table.

WSOP Main Event Top 3 Chip Leaders

David Benefield’s experience at the World Series of Poker should not be underestimated. The current 1-2-3 chip leaders represent the only three men above David Benefield among the November Nine on the career earnings list. These men did not start Day 7 of the WSOP Main Event as the top players, so their experience helped them when the field narrowed towards the final table.

With their big chip stacks and their WSOP experience, J.C. Tran, Amir Lehavot, and Marc McLaughlin are dangerous contenders in the final stages of the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Viral Video of WSOP Bad Beat

Not all the news from the 2013 WSOP is pleasant, unless you like to see a braggart get taken down a notch. From the international poker circuit, a viral video has emerged in early September 2013 of events which happened at this summer’s World Series of Poker Main Event in Paradise, Nevada (near Las Vegas).

The video first appeared on the US sports network, ESPN, which provides tape-delayed coverage of the WSOP events in the months leading up to the November Nine. The clip comes from the WSOP Main Event, where American Carter Gill went all-in against David Paredes. Holding a pair of aces and 10’s, Carter Gill was in a dominant position against Mr Parades, who also held a pair of aces. The only other card in Paredes’s hand which could beat a pair of 10s was a queen, so Parades needed to pair a queen to win the hand.

“The Saddest Face in the World”

A smirking Carter Gill, who looks somewhat like an American frat boy, was trying to goad his opponent into calling his all-in move. Guessing at his opponent’s plight, the smirking Mr Gill continued to say, “All you need is a queen man, all you need is a queen.” The portly David Parades, who was hidden behind sunglasses and a red hoodie, was clearly getting irritated by his opponent’s taunts.

Unwisely, Parades called the all-in bet and saw he was dominated in the hand. “Now, lay the five of clubs out there,” then added sarcastically, “five of clubs. I was right. I said, ‘All you need is a queen.'”

While Gill continued to explain his brilliance, the camera panned to the dealer revealing a queen as the river card. He got a faraway look on his face as if dumbfounded, then Gill’s smirk disappeared in a flash, and his wrist went limp. Apparently, he was speechless, for he said nothing more.

As Carter Gill walked away a beaten man, Parades tried to console his defeated opponent, but it was more like twist of the knife. Parades, a Harvard graduate, said, “It was your talking that did it, I’m sorry. You did a good job, man. You did a really…valiant job.”

Fortune is fickle. Some people get lucky and others don’t. Australia Gambling hopes the readership enjoys these stories of good and bad fortune.

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