WSOP reveals tournament registration information

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WSOP reveals tournament registration information

The World Series of Poker has been revealing more information about the upcoming 2020 World Series of Poker every week.

From time to time, officials first announced the state and end dates and details about the WSOP Main Event in December.

Casino Aus reports that while the schedule is reportedly finalised, there are many more decision to be made and details to be released in the coming months.

This week, however, the WSOP provided a great deal of registration information, which is especially important for Aussies.

Those players making the long trek from Australia to Las Vegas for all or part of the 2020 WSOP will need to know how to handle their financial transfers and registrations.

The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, where the WSOP is played, is a part of the Caesars family of casinos.

In order to buy in to a poker tournament at the WSOP, every player must have a Caesars Rewards card.

This is a free card from the casino. It can be obtained online before arriving in Las Vegas by simply going to the Caesars website and completing a simple form.

Upon arriving at the Rio – or at any Caesars property in Las Vegas – the player can then present his or her passport to obtain a physical card.

If at the Rio, this can be done in the rotunda area in the convention centre near the WSOP ballrooms.

Payment and entry information revealed

The easiest way for players to prepare for the WSOP before arriving in Las Vegas is to set up an online account at Bravo Poker Live.

This will allow players to find all cash games and tournaments in Las Vegas, pre-register for events online, sign up for cash game waiting lists, and even buy in to WSOP events.

By linking one’s account to a bank payment source (a wire for many Aussies), online registration becomes an option.

When buying in to an event, simply choose the “West” region and “Nevada” as the state, and the Rio will be one of the venues to choose.

Registration will open sometime in April, at which point all players will be able to buy in to 2020 WSOP events.

Upon arrival at the Rio, players will have to visit the main cage in the Tropical or Belize ballrooms to show identification.

Each player only needs to do this once, no matter how many tournaments they play.

Players will then go to any kiosk to print a seat card after buying in to an event online.

There will be approximately 20 kiosks located around the WSOP ballrooms and hallways.

The process should reduce the amount of time players must stand in line and the amount of cash players must carry.

Aussies heading to the WSOP should make sure to bring banking and wire transfer information with them.

Any time a player cashed in a tournament; they will go to the Palma ballroom in the Rio to process their payments.

They will show their Caesars Rewards card, passport, and all banking information.

International players will also need to bring an addition form of identification to apply for an ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number).

This form of identification may be a utility bill, mobile phone bill, apartment lease agreement, or anything that verifies the person’s address and matches it to the bank account or wire information.

Players can choose to receive payment in cash, casino chips, or a check, or they can direct money back into their online Bravo account.

Most Aussie players will choose the Bravo account or wire transfer option.

WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart noted that expediting the registration, buy-in, and payout processes are important to the staff.

It was a point of contention at times during last year’s summer series.

“There is no doubt we need to do a better job of getting people in their seats and playing poker faster,” Stewart said.

“We’ve looked closely at several areas in the off-season and are dedicating new resources – technology, equipment and people – to aid in these efforts in 2020.”

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