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Yes we can…again. Michelle Obama $1.75 to run in 2020

Thu, Nov 10, 4:04pm by Head Editor

The world has woken up and taken a collective deep breath, trying to come to terms with the reality of a Trump Presidency.

We are left with no other option but to move forward and one name already gathering momentum is that of the current First Lady Michelle Obama, following her campaigning for Hillary Clinton and the moving speeches she delivered along the way.

On the betting front, the US Election was the biggest event in the history of politics with online bookmaker Sportsbet paying out more than $11 million to 25,000 punters who backed Trump, including one punter who picked up $10,100 from a $100 bet on Trump in 2014.

Sportsbet’s parent company, Paddy Power, was so confident on a Clinton victory that it paid out around $1 million worth of bets before the election even took place.

Convinced that Clinton would win, the bookmaker pre-emptively paid off wagers on the Democratic candidate with the hopes of avoiding bigger losses later. Obviously, the move didn’t pay off for Paddy Power.

The shock result was not predicted by the pollsters either who are all left red-faced after forecasting a convincing victory for Clinton.

Online bookmaker Sportsbet has dusted itself off from the tough election result and has opened Michelle Obama as a $1.75 favourite to run for the Presidency in 2020 and a $2.00 shot she’ll sit it out.

She is also considered a $5.00 chance to win the Democratic nomination and an $11 chance to replace Trump as President.

From the current First Lady to the former First Lady, Clinton who was formally tipped to be the first female President, it appears to be the end of the political road with her odds to run for a third time a slim $11 chance and winning the nomination considered unlikely at $21.

The week’s result has shown anyone can be President and Sportsbet has also opened a market on who else will run in 2020 with personalities like Kayne West, who’s hashtag of #Kayne2020 was trending on Twitter, considered a $5 chance to run in four years’ time.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is also in the market at $21, Kayne’s wife Kim Kardashian is at $34 which would certainly make for an interesting campaign but after this year, nothing would surprise.

Angelina Jolie, who recently split with Brad Pitt after 12 years of marriage, is listed as a $51 long shot but not as long as Homer Simpson’s ($501) odds.

Sportsbet’s Will Byrne said “Michelle Obama was a lot more political on the road in support of Clinton so it could be the early foundations to an Obama masterplan to take back the White House in 2020 and the odds aren’t farfetched on it happening.’’

Markets courtesy of

Will Michelle Obama officially enter the 2020 Presidential race?

$1.75     Yes

$2.00     No

Will Hillary Clinton officially enter the 2020 Presidential race?

$1.02     No

$11        Yes


2020 Nomination Futures

$5.00     Michelle Obama to win the Democratic Nomination for the 2020 election

$21        Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic Nomination for the 2020 Election

$26        Kanye West to be the nominee of either party for the 2020 election


To officially enter the 2020 Presidential race

$5.00    Kanye West

$11         Oprah Winfrey

$11         Michael Jordan

$11         Michael Bloomberg

$21         Mark Zuckerberg

$34         Ellen Degeneres

$34         Kim Kardashian

$34         Hugh Hefner

$51         Beyoncé

$51         Jay-Z

$51         Angelina Jolie

$51         Lady Gaga

$101       Chelsea Clinton

$101       Taylor Swift

$101       Eminem

$101       Tiger Woods

$101       Madonna

$251       Woody Allen

$501       Homer Simpson

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