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You really can bet on everything on Cup Day with Sportsbet

Mon, Oct 31, 12:12pm by Staff Writer


With the Melbourne Cup set to run on Tuesday at 3pm, the country will once again stop and scream at the TV hoping that their horse crosses the line at Flemington first. Hundreds of millions of dollars are expected to be wagered around the country on the day but with online bookmaker Sportsbet, it’s not all about the happenings on the track.

As always, there will be plenty going on off the track and Sportsbet has released a whole host of other betting markets on the festivities at Flemington. You can bet on everything from the weather to TV viewers, even Geoffrey Edelsten’s suit colour!

There’s expected to be over 105,000 at Flemington at odds of $1.87 with the TV audience tipped to be between 2 and 2.25 million the favourite at odds of $2.25.

Nine-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt is in town and will be the star celebrity on course. He’s renowned for his work after dark and is a $101 chance to hook up with Brynne Edelsten. You can also get him at the same odds ($101) to commentate the race on channel seven.

The shortest odds in the Bolt markets are the $2.50 on offer for him to do his Bolt Celebration at least one or two times.

Speaking of Edelsten’s, Brynne’s ex-husband Geoffrey is known for his extravagant suit choices so the $34 for purple might be worth a flutter! The favourite though is the Black suit at $1.50.

With the expected crowd of over 105,000 there will be plenty of refreshments sold. Flemington running out of beer is a $7 chance. The well-refreshed public will need to get home safely and Uber will be a popular choice, the company are expected to make the most of the day with a $6 to $8 surcharge a $2 favourite.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette season is now over you can expect to see the former cast members out in full force. Sam Wood ($2.00) and Snezana ($1.70) are both favoured to have the most liked Instagram pics. The pair were the perfect match at Derby Day on Saturday with Snenzana in a strapless black frock and Sam looking suave in a patterned grey suit.

Melbourne’s fickle weather is always a talking point and the weather might not turn up to the party though. Last year we had rain on Derby day but a fine Cup day, this year the roles have reversed as Derby Day was a spectacular 25 degrees but rain is a $2.50 chance during this year’s race and a temperature tipped between 14 – 15.99 degrees also at $2.50.

“The race itself is what stops the nation but we’ve added some more colour to the occasion with these weird and wacky wagers to keep everyone entertained,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

“We stopped short of betting on how many girls Usain Bolt will snog as we’d struggle to keep pace, he moves quicker off the track than on it.”

Sportsbet Markets  

Melbourne Cup – TV Viewers

$11.00   Under 1.75 million

$4.00     1.75 – 1.99 million

$2.25     2.00 – 2.24 million

$3.75     2.5 – 2.74 million

$9.00     2.75 – 2.99 million

$11.00   3 million or higher

Cup Day Mishaps

$7.00     Flemington to run out of beer on Cup Day

$7.00     A power outage to occur during the national anthem

$21.00   Greg Miles to forget the name of one of the Melbourne Cup Runners

Attendance at Flemington

$1.87     Over 105,000

$1.87     105,000 and Under

Usain Bolt Specials

$101       Usain Bolt to commentate the Melbourne Cup Race on Channel 7

$101       Usain Bolt to hook up with Brynne Edelsten on Cup Day

$501       Usain Bolt to race Winx at Flemington on November 3

$501       Usain Bolt to race I’m Usain on Cup day

How many times will Usain Bolt do the Bolt Celebration?

$3.00     Zero

$2.50     1 – 2

$6.00     3 – 4

$11.00   5 or more times

$21.00   every half an hour without fail

Bachelorette with the most Instagram likes on Cup Day

$1.70     Snezana Markoski

$2.50     Anna Heinrich

$7.50     Georgia Love

$21.00   Alex Nation

Bachelor with the most Instagram Likes

$2.00     Sam Wood

$3.50     Sasha Mielczarek

$5.00     Tim Robards

$7.50     Richie Strahan

$16.00   Lee

$16.00   Michael Turnbull

Will Sam Frost have Instagram back in time for Cup Day?

$1.15     No

$5.00     Yes

Fashion Ambassador –  Most Instagram Likes

$1.05     Jennifer Hawkins

$8.50     Jessica Gomes

Highest Uber Surcharge on Cup Day

$21.00   Less than 2.0

$11.00   2.0 – 3.99

$3.00     4.0 – 5.99

$2.00     6.0 -7.99

$5.00     8.0 – 9.99

$11.00   10 or higher

Colour of Geoffrey Edelsten’s Coat

$1.50     Black

$3.00     White/Cream

$7.50     Blue

$11.00   Yellow/Gold

$21.00   Red

$21.00   Orange

$26.00   Brown

$34.00   Pink

$34.00   Purple

Colour of Edwina Bartholomew’s Dress on Cup Day

$4.00     White/Cream

$5.00     Black

$6.00     Yellow/Gold

$7.50     Red

$7.50     Pink

$9.00     Purple

$9.00     Blue

$11.00   Brown

$11.00   Orange

Colour of Francesca Cumani’s hat/fascinator on Cup Day

$4.00     Black

$5.00     White/Cream

$6.00     Orange

$7.50     Yellow/Gold

$7.50     Red

$8.00     Brown

$9.00     Blue

$11.00   Pink

$11.00   Purple

Will there be a train strike in Melbourne on Cup Day

$1.22     No

$4.00     Yes

Temperature during the Race

$11.00   Under 10 Degrees Celsius

$9.00     10 – 11.99

$6.00     12 – 13.99

$2.50     14 – 15.99

$3.50     16 – 17.99

$6.00     18 – 19.99

$9.00     20 Degrees Celsius or higher

Will it rain during Melbourne Cup?

$1.50     No

$2.50     Yes

Fashions on the Field – Winner’s state of Origin

$1.87     VIC

$2.50     NSW

$7.50     QLD

$11.00   TAS

$11.00   SA

$26.00   WA

$26.00   ACT

$34.00   NT

“Race that Stops a Nation” Futures

$21.00   Public transport to stop between 3 and 3.30pm on cup day

$51.00   ASX to crash at 3pm on Cup Day

$51.00   RBA not to make an interest Rate decision on Cup day

$51.00   Channel 7 to not broadcast the Melbourne Cup

$51.00   Internet connection in Australia to completely cut out between 3 and 3:30m on Cup Day


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