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Australian Lotteries – Buying Lotto Tickets Online

Fri, Sep 21, 9:52pm by Mia Chapman

Last Updated Sat, Feb 8, 2:33am

Play Powerball Lotto GamesLotteries are one of the oldest forms of gambling in the world, dating back to the second century B.C. in China. Today, multiple lottery operators exist in Australia licensed at state or territory levels, and can be state government-owned or privately-owned companies. Prizes and jackpots can reach tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. No more do patrons need to purchase tickets at news-agencies, convenience stores or petrol stations. Australian lottery players need only one point of reference for all their lotto tickets:, which is the exclusive and fully accredited distributor of official Australian lottery products via the Internet, operating under strict government supervision.

Lottery Games in Australia

There are several lottery games syndicated across Australia, and shown below are the major ones which can be played by anyone across the country – and even overseas residents – by purchasing tickets online at

  • Oz Lotto: A national lottery game also operated by Tatts Group Limited, Oz Lotto is played on Tuesday nights throughout all states and territories in Australia. Oz Lotto currently holds the record for the largest Australian lotto win – four winners shared a Division 1 pool of $111,972,151.04 in November 2012.
    Read our Oz Lotto review for odds, rules, ticket categories, Division combinations and draw times.
  • Powerball: Based on the American game of the same name, Powerball is administered also by Tatts Group Limited, syndicated across the country and is our favourite national lottery at It is drawn weekly on Thursday nights.
    Read our full Powerball review for the lottery rules, ticket types, draw times, Division payouts and more.
  • Super 66 and Lotto Strike: Super 66 is a national lottery played in all states except New South Wales – NSW plays a similar game called Lotto Strike, instead. These lotteries are regarded as ‘add-on’ games in which players buy tickets in conjunction with other lottery tickets like Monday and Wednesday, or Saturday Lotto. Super 66 is drawn just before the main Saturday night lotto draw, while Lotto Strike is drawn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, just before the big lotto draws.
  • Lucky Lotteries: Administered by New South Wales Lotteries, these games are based on traditional draw lotteries (raffles) where a set number of tickets are offered for sale in each draw (usually 225,000). Players choose either random or sequential ticket numbers, and once all tickets are sold, the raffle takes place and a set of numbered tickets are drawn by a random number generator. Each lottery has a jackpot which grows until it is won and you can play $2 or $5 tickets.
  • The Australian Soccer Pools: Based on Australian, European and other soccer matches around the globe, the Soccer Pools are drawn every Saturday. 38 matches are numbered from 1-38. For a standard game, we choose six numbers from 1-38. To determine the winning numbers, scores of each match are compared and the top six games’ numbers are gathered based on ranking rules: draws rank highest, then away wins followed by home wins. Find out how the ranking rules used to determine the winning matches (and numbers) works. The seventh game is used as the supplementary number.

Read our Oz Lotteries review here. Note that no tax is levied on any sort of gambling winnings in Australia.

Australian Lotteries Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Rest assured that financial transactions for purchasing Aussie lotto tickets online, and withdrawing any winnings from your account at licensed and government-monitored sites such as Oz Lotteries is 100% secure. Oz Lotteries complies with standard online security measures and allows deposit methods such as PayPal, Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, BPAY and Diners Club International. Winnings are paid in accordance with set dates after the completion of the draw, and once paid to your account, are immediately available for withdrawal or additional purchases. Request a withdrawal by cheque or by direct deposit to your bank account (ID must be verified).

Playing Lotto Games on Mobiles & Tablets

Oz Lotteries Mobile is 100% compatible with smartphones and tablets such as iPhones and iPads, Android Samsungs, HTCs and Sonys, Windows phones and BlackBerries, as well as other older data-enabled devices like those using WAP technology.

The site functions exactly as it does on a desktop computer – check all the latest results of lottery games, navigate easily to purchase all game type tickets, and utilise safe and secure AUD currency banking, with transactions protected by 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

Customers receive an email confirmation for every Oz Lotteries transaction they have made, and you can view all purchased tickets in your account directly on your mobile or tablet device. Feel free to contact Oz Lotteries if you have any questions.

Australian Lotteries Syndicates

There will always be advantages and drawbacks to playing lotto games individually or in a syndicate, and it is imperative to know the pros and cons before deciding how you wish to play. Pooling your money with other lotto enthusiasts does increase your odds of winning because you’re buying, for instance, 1000 tickets all together, instead of five or 10 for yourself. You thus cover significantly more combinations of numbers and reduce the astronomical odds of winning individually with one ticket. And due to the fact you’re playing in a large group, chances are you’ll net at least a few wins, and even if you don’t get all your cash back, it can make purchasing tickets less costly for the individual. We discuss lottery syndicates in depth here.

Do Australian Lotteries Strategies Work or Even Exist?

The very concept of lottery strategies may seem ridiculous at first, because such games are determined by random draws, and short of trying to fix the draw, how can you change your odds of winning? While lucky numbers or lucky combinations more likely to win than others doesn’t hold up logically, there are minor details (important details, nevertheless) that can have an effect on your odds of success in lotteries. The Australian Soccer Pools is one lotto where knowing precisely how matches are ranked can benefit you when selecting your numbers – find out how so here.

Lottery systems such as System 8s and other entries which cover all combinations of the numbers you’ve chosen, do maximise your odds of winning more prizes – by playing a larger spread of combinations, if such numbers are drawn, chances are high you’ll net a win. However if you miss those numbers, you’ve increased your chances of coming away with few or no wins at all. Other systems based around guaranteed wins and those trying to sell you something too good to be true are just that – and those should be avoided at all costs.

Australian Lotteries Internet Laws

We wish to stress that purchasing tickets to play lottos and raffles through Oz Lotteries – an authorised online vendor – is completely legal here in Australia. Note however, that Oz Lotteries is not allowed to offer instant-win scratch cards. For more information about the legalities of online lotteries and other forms of gambling, read our official laws page.Lotteries are some of the most widely-played gambling games in Australia. Not only are lotteries simple and inexpensive to play, they also offer jackpots that are often worth tens of millions of dollars. If you have questions about how lotteries work, we’ve answered some of the most common lottery questions below.

What Are the Major Australian Lotteries?

There are several lotteries that are available throughout most or all of Australia. For instance, Oz Lotto is a national game that is played every Tuesday night, while Powerball – modelled after the American game of the same name – takes place each Thursday night. Saturday Lotto is also played throughout Australia, though under different names in each state.

Some of the major lottery games in Australia are slightly different from these national lotteries. For instance, the Monday and Wednesday Lotto games are spread throughout the majority of the country, but are not available in Queensland. The Australian Soccer Pools are available nationally, but work slightly differently than the rest of the true lotteries, as the results are not entirely random.

What Is the Largest Jackpot Ever Awarded in Australian Lotteries?

Currently, the largest lottery jackpot ever awarded in Australia belongs to Oz Lotto. On November 6, 2012, a guaranteed jackpot of $100 million was won by four winners who ultimately shared a jackpot worth nearly $112 million.

Powerball has also awarded some large jackpots over the years, with the largest so far being an $80 million jackpot that was split two ways in 2009.

Can I Play Australian Lotteries Online?

Players can purchase Australian lottery tickets through authorized online sales agents, just as tickets can be purchased from land-based merchants. For instance, tickets for all major Australian lottery games can be purchased at Oz Lotteries.

At Oz Lotteries, players can purchase individual tickets, buy system tickets or enter into syndicates with other players. There are also rewards systems and promotions that can earn players free or discounted tickets. Oz Lotteries is also available to players who normally can’t play a given lottery in their state, and even to players who live outside of Australia.

What Are Lotto Points?

Lotto Points are a reward system used at Oz Lotteries. Every time you purchase a lottery ticket, you’ll earn lotto points at the rate of one point per dollar spend. You may then use those points at checkout either automatically or at your discretion. Each point you use is worth a discount of $0.01. There are also occasional promotions that allow you to earn additional Lotto Points or redeem them at better rates.

What Is a Syndicate?

A syndicate is a group of players who share the cost of a large number of tickets in order to increase their chances of winning prizes in a lottery drawing. Informal syndicates are often formed in offices or among friends, where each player will spend a set amount of money each week and then share equally in any prizes that are earned from those tickets.

Other syndicates can be formed among strangers with the help of online lottery sites. For instance, at Oz Lotteries, players can choose to purchase Syndicate tickets that will allow you to become part of a small group that will share in earned prize money. The site will ensure that all winnings from the syndicate are shared equally between all syndicate members.

What Is a System Ticket?

A system ticket is one that covers all possible combinations for a given group of numbers. For instance, if you are playing Oz Lotto, you’ll need to pick seven numbers on each ticket in order to play. If you choose to purchase a “System 8” ticket, you’ll be given a total of eight tickets, covering each of the possible combinations that would include any of those eight numbers. This ensures that if seven of those eight numbers are chosen, you will be guaranteed to win the jackpot prize.

It’s important to remember that system tickets require you to pay for each ticket necessary to complete the system, and that they become exponentially more expensive as you attempt to cover more numbers. Trying to cover ten or more numbers entirely could easily cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the lottery game you’re playing and the number of possibilities you want to cover.

How Do Soccer Pools Work?

Unlike other lotteries, the results of the Soccer Pools are not determined by a random draw. Instead, each of the 38 numbers in the drawing are tied to a football match – with games from Australia used when the A-League and state leagues are in season, while games from European leagues are primarily used at other times during the year. Players must purchase tickets before any of the matches are played (usually by Saturday afternoon, with drawings staying open until Saturday evening when foreign games are being used).

The results of the lottery are then determined based on the results of the games. Drawn games rank highest, with the highest scoring draws counting first. After that, away team wins are used, with smaller goal differentials counting first. Finally, home team wins are ranked in the same manner. The top six games based on these rankings become the numbers drawn for the pool, with the seventh-ranked game becoming the supplementary number.

Are There Strategies that Can Improve My Odds?

In most lotteries, there are few strategies you can use to improve your odds. The numbers for each draw are chosen entirely at random, meaning no combination is more likely than any other. The only slightly helpful strategy in most lotteries is to choose at least a few numbers above 31 (or using a quick pick), as a large number of players will use numbers made up primarily of dates, such as anniversaries and birthdays. By choosing a more unusual series of numbers, you’ll be less likely to have to share a jackpot if you’re lucky enough to win one.

In the Soccer Pools, the fact that the numbers are not drawn entirely at random does open up the opportunity to use strategy when choosing your numbers. Of course, you may attempt to handicap the games somewhat, choosing numbers tied to games that you expect to end in high-scoring draws. An even more effective strategy is to choose primarily high numbers. In the case of a tie between two games, the higher-numbered game is chosen first, which ensures that higher numbers are chosen far more often than low numbers in the long run.

What Are Supplementary Numbers?

Supplementary numbers are additional numbers chosen during a draw that are tied to consolation prizes. For instance, each drawing for Oz Lotto draws the seven winning numbers and two supplementary numbers. The second division, fourth division and seventh division prizes can be won by mixing some of the main numbers with one or more supplementary numbers.

Lotto Terms

This page consists of definitions of lotto and lottery related terms. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find links to other gambling related dictionaries on different topics, like keno.

6/38 Lottery – The standard Pools lottery game, where you select 6 numbers out of 38 possible choices.

6/45 Lottery – Lotteries in which you select 6 out of 45 possible numbers. Used for the Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday drawings.

Additional Number – A number which unlocks a higher level of prize, the Powerball number in the United States and Australia are a good example of this. The red/black drawing is akin to an additional number.

Annuity Option – Taking a yearly payout instead of a lump sum. One common payout method is 29 or 30 year annuities, though most people take the cash option.

Australian Lotto Lottery – A fake lottery claiming to be organized and authorized by the Australian government. Australia has no official state lottery. These are scammers trying to take people’s money.

Betting Slip – This is the piece of paper filled out and handed to the cashier, so they might print out the lottery ticket.

Cash 3 – A smaller lotto game in Western Australia. Cash 3 is based on a similar game in the USA, and is organized by Lotterywest.

Cash Option – In certain casinos, the player has the option of taking one big payout (for less money) or an annuity for the full amount. The cash option is also called the lump sum option.

Division – Each successive tier of winning prizes.

Division 1 – The top prize in an Australian lottery.

Drawing – When the balls are drawn by the hopper, or results are created, for a lottery.

Hot Number – A number which has been chosen more often than probability suggests it should. Some gamblers believe numbers get hot or cold, though this is a human attempt to apply order to chaos. No number is more likely to hit than any other.

Intralot Australia – Operates the Intralot lottery in the Tasmania and Victoria.

Jackpot – If no one’s numbers match the Division 1 numbers, then a jackpot is declared and the previous Division 1 amount is added to the next Division 1 prize total.

Lotto Pool – When two or more people pool their cash resources to buy a lot of tickets. If they win, all members of the lotto pool win an equal share.

Lotto Strike – A counterpart to Super 66 in New South Wales, administered by the NSW Lotteries.

Lottery Ticket – The official printed ticket with numbers on it. To claim prizes, the ticket must be signed and presented.

Lotterywest – The lottery corporation managed by the State Government of Western Australia, formed in 1933. Lotterywest once was known as the Lotteries Commission of Western Australia.

Lucky 3 – Drawn daily at 6:30pm each night since 2009, this game pays off a maximum $500 prize.

Lucky 5 Red or Black – Drawn daily at 7:30pim since 2009, with a jackpot minimum of $50,000.

Lucky Bingo Star – A drawing held each Saturday at 8pm since 2008. Also known as TV Bingo.

Lucky Keno – Drawn daily at 8:30 in Victoria and Queenland, Lucky Keno is owned by Intralot.

Lucky Lines – Drawn daily at 7pm since 2008, using a 3×3 grid for the numbers selected. Also known as “Cross and Match” in the license.

Lump Sum Option – Another name for cash option.

Monday & Wednesday Lotto – Found in every territory but Queensland, the Monday and Wednesday Lotto is also known as X Lotto. This drawing is administered by Tatts.

Oz Lotto – A natural lottery game since 1994, which takes place on Tuesday night. Oz Lotto is administered by Tattersall’s.

Quick Pick – Instead of filling out a betting slip, players can have the cashier ring up a computer-generated set of numbers. This is then printed on the lottery ticket.

Powerball – Administered by Tattersall’s, this game is modelled on the multi-state Powerball lottery in the United States. Drawings are held on Thursday, ever since 1996.

SA Lotteries Keno – A lottery which draws numbers ever 3:30 minutes all day long, broadcast on ACTTAB.

Saturday Lottery – National drawing conducted every Saturday night by Tattersall’s. This is syndicated throughout the country by the Australia Lotto Bloc. Also known as Tattslotto in territories administered by Tatts; X Lotto in South Australia; and Gold Lotto in Queenland.

Scratch Game – The results are printed under an acrylic plastic film which is scratched off. These tickets are sold at the counter of lottery stores.

Soccer Pools – Also known as the Pools or the Australian Soccer Pools, this is a national lotto administered by SA Lotteries. Numbers are not drawn, but are taken from the results of association football matches.

South Australian Lotteries – Lotto company which operates in South Australia. SA Lotteries is owned by the South Australian Government. Not only does it own games like Keno and South Australia Lotto, but SA Lotteries syndicates the Oz Lotto, Powerball, Saturday Lotto, and (administrates) The Soccer Pools in South Australia.

Standard Game – The standard set of numbers for any given lottery game. If you were playing Powerball, the standard game would be 5 numbers and 1 Powerball number.

Super 66 – Australian lotto game in every province but New South Wales. Super66 is played on Saturday night before the Tattslotto drawing, and is administered by Tatts.

Superdraw – Much the same as “jackpot”, this is what happens when no one wins the Division 1 prize. The next drawing grows much bigger.

Syndicate – Much like a lotto pool, players can buy a ticket with many results, though you share the ultimate prize with other members of the Syndicate if you win. Also known as group play.

Tatts Group Limited – Operates the Tatts brand lottos in Victoria, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory. Tatts has managed the Queenland Golden Casket Lottery Corporation since 2007 and the New South Wales Lotteries since 2010 in both ACT and NWS. Also known as Tattersall’s.

Tattersall’s – Another name for Tatts Group Limited.

TV Bingo – Another name for the Lucky Bingo Star lottery drawing. Though it is called TV Bingo, the live drawings are broadcast on the radio network, 3AW.

Wednesday Gold Lotto – A statewide lottery drawing in Queensland. This drawing is administered by the Queensland lottery corporation, Golden Casket.

Winning Numbers – The first numbers drawn in a lottery, prior to the supplementary numbers.

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