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Real Money Scratchies

Thu, Aug 1, 11:50am by Ethan Anderson

Last Updated Tue, Oct 8, 12:17am

In every case, playing scratchies for real money provides the edge to the game, allowing for the range of emotional highs. Of course, nobody wants to feel the emotional valleys from losing massive amounts of money when playing scratchies, so it’s helpful to enter into scratch card play with solid information and a solid plan.

What You Need to Know About Real Money Scratchies

Real Money Scratchies in AustraliaIn order to have a solid plan for playing scratchies for real money, you need to understand your odds of winning. Scratch card manufacturers will make a series of scratch cards, which will indicate your odds of winning, as well as the largest prize you can win.

Typical odds in scratchies will be 1 in 3 on down to 1 in 5, but keep in mind, a win in this sense is not necessarily the largest prize. For example, if you were to buy scratchies at AU$1.00 a piece, a win might only be for the same dollar as the purchase price.

By law in Australia, no form of gambling can offer a payout rate less than 87%, so if you wager $100 consistently over time, your expected return would be $87 on each $100 wagered, on average. Scratchies will display their prize ranges, and it is these different prize ranges that allow them to return at an 87% or better payout rate.

Typically the payout rates for physical scratch cards averages around 90%. The average payout rate for real money online scratchies hovers at around 96.2%. Physical scratchies involve material and a manufacturing process, while online scratchies involve a programmer writing code. Consequently, the online variety, with its lower manufacturing costs, can afford to payout at a higher rate.

Another savings that online scratch cards provide over their physical counterparts is savings from fees that physical establishments can charge for providing payouts for the scratch card manufacturers. Online games cut out the middle man.

The more expensive the scratch cards or online scratchies, the higher the prize money pool is as well, but there is no strategy to use statistical analysis to get you on the road to millions. The actual mathematics involved are hidden. Although a 1 in 3 chance gives you some information, the number of times that certain prizes enter into circulation remains unknown.

So the most important thing to know about real money scratchies is that winning money with them is purely a matter of luck, and the odds are set for you to lose money over time.

Managing Your Money in Real Money Scratchies

Now that you know the facts about scratchies and their odds of winning, you must have a plan. The most important part of this plan is to understand that losing money is probable. Therefore, never play scratchies with more money than you can afford to lose. Keep a budget in place.

Here are some additional tips for playing real money scratchies:

  • Play online scratchies exclusively or limit your play with physical scratch cards.
  • Many websites that offer online scratchies will have bonuses for real money buy ins. Take advantage of these bonuses. Typically a site will offer an initial welcome bonus of AU$5.00 as well as a matching bonus that will give you a certain percentage of money of your buy in. If a site offers a 100% matching bonus for example, this means if you buy in for $25.00, it will match that $25.00, and with the welcome bonus as well, you can potentially begin play with AU$55.00, while only having spent $25.
  • In addition to playing with a budget, decide in advance what is an acceptable win level and stop playing if you hit that level. The best way to win real money is to quit while you are ahead.
  • Never chase your losses. If you have decided on a budgeted amount, quit as soon as that has been reached.
  • Take advantage of websites’ VIP programs and other bonuses. Typically, you can be kept up to date via email regarding what bonuses are in play. Take advantage of these when you can. You may also find Loyalty programs that reward a certain amount of wagering. These programs often provide certain perks that other players will not be privy to, such as access to the newest series of scratchies.
  • Determine a time frame you want to play for and stick to this as well. Between this and your monetary budget, you will have a good idea of how much you can wager for each card. Play for the highest wagers that you can while still being able to play within your budget and time frame. This may take some experimentation at first to get an idea of how much you can wager and still play for certain amount of time. Begin slowly and keep records, and you will soon find the sweet spot that meets both your time and monetary budgets.
  • Play the free scratchies initially. If you are interested in a certain game, website, or casino, before spending real money, play the free version first to see if you enjoy the experience. Once you are comfortable, make your first buy in and take your bonuses.
  • Always read the fine print. If you are playing online, make sure that you know how the bonus payout works. Some places might have wagering requirements in order to have your bonuses released to you. Find out what is involved before you buy. Most casinos are safe and well regulated, but you should always have a good understanding of how they provide their payouts, what kind of turnaround they have, what jurisdiction the casino falls under, what software they use, and how reputable they are.
  • Finally, be safe. Never gamble when you feel angry or depressed, and if you feel you are gambling compulsively, seek help.

Taking these steps can help to ensure that your experience playing scratchies for real money is fun, and perhaps on your good days, even lucrative. Bon chance!

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