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Using MasterCard for Online Casino Deposits

Fri, Apr 5, 2:23am by Mia Chapman

Last Updated Tue, Feb 4, 5:06am

MasterCard Casino Deposits

MasterCard is one of the largest credit card companies in the world, allowing easy access to money and credit card services anywhere on the planet. It is also one of the deposit methods you will find most frequently at online casinos and online poker sites.

Since the early days of online casinos, MasterCard has been a trusted partner for online gamblers. Learn more about MasterCard casinos, how you can deposit or cash out using MasterCard at online casinos, and what to do if MasterCard transactions are declined at your casino.

Do Online Casinos Accept MasterCard for Deposits?

Most online casinos do indeed accept MasterCard for deposits. MasterCard and Visa are the two most widely used forms of deposit for online casinos in the world, and the odds are that your online casino will accept MasterCard.

There are some countries where you may have some difficulty depositing onto your online casino account using MasterCard.

Australia is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to using MasterCard. For some banks, you will have no problem depositing using your MasterCard, while others will automatically decline online casino and all other forms of online gambling transactions.

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The easiest way to find out if your casino accepts MasterCard is to sign up for a free online casino account and check the Deposit section of the Cashier. If MasterCard is accepted, a MasterCard logo will appear as an option.

How to Deposit to Your Online Casino Account Using MasterCard

Depositing on Australian online casino sites is easy. Register for your real money online casino account and then do the following:

  • Log in to the casino
  • Click on the Cashier button (May be listed as Deposit)
  • Click on credit card or the MasterCard logo
  • Enter your MasterCard number, expiration, and three-digit security code (if prompted)
  • Select the amount you wish to deposit
  • Select the welcome bonus you wish to use or enter the promo code for your deposit bonus
  • Click Submit

There are a few items to note when making MasterCard deposits. Some casinos will charge a fee to make a credit card deposit. This fee averages 4.5% of the deposit amount, meaning that a $100 deposit will cost you an additional $4.50. Some casinos will waive the fee on your first deposit.

Next, credit card deposit generally are instantaneous, but in some cases, they may take up to two days. If there is a delay, it usually because of manual processing by the casino. If your deposit takes longer than 48 hours to clear, contact customer support for the casino.

Most online casinos will require that you deposit at least $25 using MasterCard. The minimum deposit will be listed on the website when you make your deposit.

What Happens if My MasterCard is Declined?

In some cases, your MasterCard may be declined when making on online casino deposit. This can be due to various reasons. The most common is that your bank does not allow online gambling transactions with your card or they may require additional authorization before approving the transaction.

If your MasterCard is declined when attempting to make an online casino deposit, don’t panic. Your first step should be to contact customer support for the online casino. They can take a look at the transaction and tell you precisely why the card was declined.

If it is a matter of your bank needing additional authorization, they can notify you of this, and you can contact your bank to get authorization. In other cases, customer service may be able to help you make a deposit. Some casinos will offer special third-party transaction services where you can make your deposit using MasterCard.

Otherwise, you may be required to use another option for making your deposit such as Visa, Wire Transfers, or Bitcoin. For Australian players, your options may be somewhat limited. Often, your only option will be Visa, MasterCard, or Bitcoin.

Another option you may want to try for making your deposit is using a prepaid MasterCard. Prepaid Debit MasterCards are often not as restricted as standard credit cards, and in some cases, a prepaid card may work over a standard bank-issued card. However, the funds are limited to the amount on your card, so verify you have enough to cover your deposit and any associated fees charged by the casino.

How Do I Cash Out Using MasterCard?

When you’re ready to make a withdrawal from your online casino, some will allow you to do so via MasterCard. If MasterCard withdrawals are permitted, just use the following steps to cash out:

  • Log in to your online casino account.
  • Click on Cashier.
  • Select Withdrawal.
  • Select MasterCard.
  • If your card is not already pre-filled, enter your credit card information.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Click Submit Request (or appropriate button to submit the transaction.)

Note that MasterCard withdrawals aren’t ideal for small withdrawals. In most cases, you will have to have $100 or more in your account to cash out using MasterCard. Also, many casinos charge a fee to cash out using MasterCard.

Also, keep in mind that some casinos will only allow you to deposit using MasterCard. When it comes time to cash out, you will have to use an alternative method. Often, you will have to request a check by mail or use Bitcoin.

Finally, before you cash out from an online casino with MasterCard, you will be required to go through a verification process with the casinos. You can complete this process with a legal form of ID along with a copy of a document that verifies your residence, such as a utility bill or a current property tax bill.

Why Should I Use MasterCard at Online Casinos

There are two primary reasons why you should use MasterCard over other forms of deposits at online casinos. The first is security. When you use MasterCard, you retain purchase rights just as if you were making a purchase at any vendor that accepts MasterCard. You’re protected against unauthorized transactions and from general fraud. If you use another payment method and have a problem with the online casino, you risk losing your funds entirely.

Next, when you make a deposit using MasterCard, you guarantee that you’ll qualify for any deposit or casino bonuses offered. Some online casinos put restrictions on their bonuses and those making deposits using NETELLER or Skrill will be unable to claim these bonuses. Use MasterCard to lock in your bonuses.

Those are the two biggest reasons to use MasterCard for deposits. Here is a quick rundown of the reasons you should use MasterCard at online casinos.

  • Accepted by the majority of online casinos
  • Faster deposit process than E-wallets or prepaid cards
  • Deposits are usually instantaneous
  • Deposits always qualify for casino bonuses
  • You receive customer protection from MasterCard
  • 24/7 support from MasterCard if there is a problem with a transaction
  • You have a digital or printed confirmation of transactions