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Betting on MMA

Tue, Jun 7, 7:56am by Charlotte Lee

Last Updated Tue, Oct 8, 12:56am

Mixed Martial Arts is an emerging leader in sports betting. Bookmakers from all over the globe are adding Mixed Martial Arts to their wide variety of sports available. The world of Mixed Martial Arts has many big time events that offer some spectacular viewing, as well as some awesome odds for sports bettors. Let’s take a look at some details as to when it comes to betting on Mixed Martial Arts.

Betting types for MMA

  • Money line Bets – When you bet the money line, you are simply betting that the player you are betting is going to win the fight. The fighter does not have to win by a certain amount or anything – just simply win the bet. Bookmakers will place how much can be won when wagering the fighter. An example of a money line bet looks like this: Player A (+165), Player B (-200). If you are wagering Player A, with every $100 you wager, you would win $165. Player B – it would take $200 in wagers to win $100. Player B is certainly a favorite in this battle.
  • Parlay Bets – Parlay bets are when you place several bets on one wager. This is a way for players to win larger amounts of money, on just one bet. The key to parlay bets is you must win ALL bets on a parlay card for the bet to be a winner. The more players you put on the parlay card, the larger your winnings could be, but the smaller your chances of winning will be.
  • Totals Bets – With Mixed Martial Arts, totals bets are done by how many rounds the fights will go. When you are doing a totals bet on a team sport, you are wagering the total runs or points scored. Here – it’s rounds. For example, the bookmaker will place 3.5 rounds for a fight, and you have a chance to bet “over” or “under”. If the fight goes 4 or more, the over wins; 3 or less – the under wins.
  • Prop Bets – Prop bets are not always offered for Mixed Martial Arts events. Most of the big time televised events will offer prop bets. Prop bets are individual wagers on specific actions of the events. Some examples of prop bets in mixed martial arts include: will the fighter win via submission or knockout? Will the fight go the entire length of time; etc.
  • Future Bets – When you are betting future bets, you are making a wager on something that may happen in the future. For example, when the match-ups for an event is released, well in advance you could pick the winner. The odds could change in the distance of time that separates you from the date. Also, future bets could be, what fighter is the champion of a certain division (heavyweight, lightweight, featherweight, etc).

Best MMA events to bet on

When you are betting on Mixed Martial Arts, and looking for the best events to wager on, there are no specific events which are better than others. There are fights that are scheduled with events. Here are some of the best MMA events that are still offering great betting options.

  • UFC Events – Ultimate Fighting Championship is the most common and popular type of MMA fighting. The top fighters take part in UFC Events. Some of the best events take place in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Denver. UFC events always have some of the best match-ups.
  • Strikeforce Events – Strikeforce is based out of the United States and is a kickboxing organization. The longer Strikeforce exists, the more popular betting becomes. The first Strikeforce took place back in 2009, when CBS broadcasted it. Betting odds are becoming more available at bookmakers.
  • WEC Events – World Extreme Cagefighting is one of the roughest, toughest events in the world. Some of the fighters in the WEC are looking to boost themselves to a more popular organization, such as UFC. WEC betting odds are become more readily available at different bookmakers.

Tips to betting on MMA

Betting on Mixed Martial Arts can be very profitable. It’s not going to be easy, and not everyone that does it will be rich. Here are a few tips to betting on Mixed Martial Arts events.

  • Learn how Mixed Martial Arts works – Understand what Mixed Martial Arts is and how it is governed. Many people will be on Mixed Martial Arts and have no idea how the sport is done. Educate yourself on the event and the fighters before you begin betting on it.
  • Understand what each bet means – Know what the bet means before you bet on it. Know the odds; know the money line, etc. If you do not understand the bet, why would you risk placing money on it? Educate yourself on the betting lines/odds for Mixed Martial Arts.
  • Use good bankroll management – This is a big key for those just getting started in betting. This means, do not over bet on a certain fight that you really like. Understand that in a Mixed Martial Arts event, one swing could end the fight. All the fighters are beatable; sure some are much better than others. Do not bet too much on one fighter, this will help you keep your bankroll going in a healthy manner for a longer period of time.
  • Check trends of fighters – Before you put money on a fighter; find how they have been doing as of late. Sometimes, players are struggling to find their groove, while others are red-hot at the time. Be sure to check out how each fighter has been doing in recent events before wagering on it.