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MotoGP Betting

Betting Types

Outright Winner – This easiest bet of them all: Each racer has certain odds next to their name and you can choose who you believe will win specific races outright. You pick them, and if they win, so do you. Simple stuff.

Podium Finishes – A more advanced type of bet, here you choose who you think will finish in the top three at the conclusion of a race (placing first, second or third). Each rider will have individual podium finishing odds. Punters enjoy this type of bet because of the increased chance of success.

Future Bets – Punt on a MotoGP event which takes place later on down the track (no pun intended). For example, you might feel inclined to place a wager on the rider you think will win the overall championship even before the season-proper begins and follow your selection all the way through the year.

Top-Five Finish – A top-five finish bet will include the riders who place in the top-five at conclusion of the race. Pay-outs for a top five finish (similar to a top-three finish) are not as high as they would be if you bet on the same individual to win the overall title, simply due to the fact that the racer has a much higher likelihood of placing in the top five.

Exotic Bets – Exotic bets (known as prop or novelty bets) are just what the name suggests: a type of bet that is slightly more unusual than your ordinary wager. For example, bookies will set certain odds on an occurrence or non-occurrence which will take place during a race which doesn’t directly influence the final result. For instance; the fastest lap time of the race or the number of accidents that will occur during the race.

Motorcycling GPs

  • The Qatar MotoGP – A huge race for motorcycling fans, this event kicks starts the season at the Losail International Circuit. You’ll get good value here as bookies will be the most uncertain they’ll ever be throughout the year about how racers will fare. Aside from the form of the previous season and off-season training, there isn’t a whole lot more for bookmakers to base their odds on. All riders head in with a clean slate.
  • The Australian MotoGP – Whether you’re an avid fan or new to the motorcycling racing scene, the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix is an unforgettable experience held annually since 1997 at the scenic Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. It is steeped in motor-racing tradition and punters are not shy on knocking down a few wagers on this fantastic event.
  • The Italian MotoGP – The Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix was held exclusively at the Monza track for the first 23 years of its existence but since 1994, is now run at the Mugello Circuit. This track is a great site for such racing events and Jorge Lorenzo Guerrero is the current three-time reigning champ.
  • The U.S. MotoGP – Added to the Grand Prix calendar in 1964 and 1965, this event began at the Daytona International Speedway but is now held at the Laguna Seca Raceway. Our own Casey Stoner holds the equal record for most wins at this Grand Prix.
  • The Valencian Community Moto Grand Prix – The Valencian Community Moto GP (held at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Spain) is the last MotoGP race of the season and can ultimately decide who the overall champion is for the season, so it’s one of the most popular events on the motorcycling calendar. Spain’s Dani Pedrosa is the current champion and also holds the most titles (six).
  • Other Moto GPs and their Circuits – United States (Circuit of the Americas), Spain (Circuito de Jerez), France (Le Mans), Spain (Circuit de Catalunya), Netherlands (TT Circuit Assen), Germany (Sachsenring), United States (Indianapolis Motor Speedway), Czech Republic (Masaryk Circuit), United Kingdom (Silverstone Circuit), San Marino (Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli), Malaysia, (Sepang Circuit), Japan (Twin Ring Motegi), Spain (Motorland Aragon).

Wagering Tips on MotoGP

Know the Course – Different countries have different circuits and certain riders fare better than others on distinctive tracks. Have a brief (or lengthy) look over which riders benefit most from certain courses before betting on a Moto GP event.

The Weather Impact – Weather will always play a big role not just in MotoGP racing, but pretty much in any outdoor sporting event worldwide. A wet and slick track will influence how riders perform, may have positive outcomes for some and negative outcomes for others.

Understand Your Bet – Don’t rush in to any rash bets. Look over what you are planning on wagering on and make sure it is the right type of bet. Is it an outright bet you want, a top three finish or top five finish? The worst feeling is mistakenly placing a wager on something that doesn’t happen when you thought you placed the bet on the outcome which actually did come to fruition.

Check Standings – Some Grand Prix events may have bigger consequences than others for certain racers due to rankings so this may force some riders to put in a better performance than their opponents. Have a browse over the current MotoGP standings to see how the racers have been faring before submitting your final bet.

Find the Best Odds – Search around for the best odds on offer. Head to each of our recommended betting websites and do some shopping. You may be able to net some more bang for your buck if you stumble across one online betting site that slightly trumps all the others. Open an account with them all to really take advantage of this.