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Betting on NHL

The National Hockey League has been up and down as far as popularity in the world.  When there are NHL games to play, there are certainly opportunities for fans to make Online bets on the NHL. The National Hockey League is a league that consists of teams from the United States and Canada. Canada was the originator of the game of hockey, but have lost several teams due to relocation in the NHL. Currently, the NHL has 30 teams, with 15 in each conference. There is a Western Conference, and an Eastern Conference, with the teams split up according to their general geographic location. Each conference has three divisions, with five teams in each. The Eastern Conference has the Atlantic Division, the Northeast Division and the Southeast Division. The Western Conference has the Central Division, the Northwest Division and the Pacific Division. Much like the National Basketball Association, 16 teams from the NHL make the postseason. 8 from the Western Conference and 8 from the Eastern Conference go. The top team in each division definitely go in as the top three seeds in each conference, and then the next five teams. The playoffs are seeded 1-8 in each conference, and the games are played until there is one team left in the West, and 1 team in the East. This is then called the Stanley Cup Finals.

Online NHL Betting Types:

  • Money Line Betting – When you are betting on the moneyline, you are betting which team will win the game, straight up. It’s not like football or basketball where there is a point spread. Bookmakers will place a certain amount of money that can be won on both teams involved with the best. Typically a moneyline bet will look like this: Vancouver -130/San Jose +150. This would show that if you bet Vancouver, and they win, you would win $100 for every $130 wagered. For San Jose, a positive result of $150 would be won for every $100 bet.
  • Puck line Betting – When you bet the puck line, you are wagering that a team will win by more than one goal. If you do not want to bet the favorite to win the game straight up, because it is not a very valuable bet -and you think the team will win easily – bet the puck line. Puck line bets typically pay out positive money because it is more difficult to win by multiple goals.
  • Totals Betting – Totals betting is more commonly referred to as the “over/under”. Bookmakers will place the total amount of goals scored by both teams combined, and bettors can wager whether they will there will be “more(over) or less(under)”.
  • Prop Bets – These are individual bets made on a specific action on the game. Prop bets in the NHL can be something like: Which player will score more goals, or which goaltender will save more shots? Prop bets can be made for some of the bigger games in the NHL.
  • Parlay Bets – A parlay bet is where bettors get the chance to add more than one game to their card of bets. Instead of making multiple bets on games in the NHL, you can add them to your parlay card. The kicker here – all teams on the parlay card MUST win for the bet to win. The more you add to the card, the bigger your winnings would be if all teams won.
  • Future Bets – Future bets can be made before the season started, or throughout the entire season. This is where you are making a wager on something that will happen in the future. A popular future bet in the NHL is “Who will win the Stanley Cup”? Odds change throughout the year for certain teams, or players, but if you make the bet early, your winnings cannot and will not change.

Best NHL games to bet on:

  • All Star Game – The All Star game features all the top players in the National Hockey League. This typically is played in the middle of the season, giving teams a few days off to regroup. Of course the best players in the league do not get that chance, as they are to report to the host city, and get ready to play in a exhibition game. Despite the game not meaning must, this game is fun to bet on. Which conference has the better allotment of players – that’s what you are betting on.
  • Stanley Cup Finals – The grand daddy of them all. A best of seven series featuring the best two teams in the National Hockey League. The Stanley Cup is what is awarded to the winner, and each player gets an opportunity to spend the day with it, after winning it. This is fun to bet on, because there is always a storyline for every game played. Bet the entire series, or just an individual game.
  • Rivalry Games – These are always fun to bet on, because they pit two teams that have had a long history of going at each other. Some of the best rivalries in the National Hockey League include: Flyers/Penguins, Bruins/Rangers, Blues/Blackhawks, Blackhawks/Redwings. These are just a few of the many excellent rivalries in the NHL.
  • Mid Winter Classic – This game is pretty new to the NHL. They added this game several years ago and it has become extremely popular. This game is played on New Years Day and the hockey game is played outside. Venues such as Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium have been used for this game. It typically pits teams that are some of the better teams, and rivalries.

Tips on Online NHL Betting:

  • Know the home/away team – This is big, because teams play much better at home than on the road, typically. There are some teams that are big time road teams, but overall – the home team plays better. This may mean a big difference when the bookmakers place the odds.
  • Know the teams – And by this we mean – know their strengths and weaknesses. If a strong athletic team is going against a team that cannot handle the physical game very well, this could make a big difference. Know who you are betting on, before making the bet.
  • Check the trends – Some teams get hot and cannot be beat. Vice versa – some teams are in a major slump and cannot find a way to win. This isn’t always the case, and you got to be careful here – but trends tell the difference often times.
  • Check the goaltenders – the biggest difference in NHL games is the goaltenders. Got to make sure the top goaltender is playing, and not a substitute off the bench. Check before you make your bet, that the top goaltender is playing in that game.
  • Understand the impact of empty net goals – this is important in totals betting. Also, this can make a difference in puck line betting. Know that empty net goals happen over a quarter of the games that are one goal games. This could play a factor in the over/under, and could move a losing puckline game into a winner. Some teams score empty net goals more than others – check the statistics on those!
  • Use good bankroll management – Basically, do not bet too much on any one game. Set a limit, and stick to it. This will help you stay in the sports betting longer, and not get too up or too down with any one game.