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A Guide to Gambling in Northern Territory

Thu, Jul 7, 11:41am by William Brown

Last Updated Mon, Oct 7, 11:58pm

Northern Territory is home to just two physical casinos, in Alice Springs and Darwin respectively. Given the scale of the region, this could be a pretty long way to travel for the occasional bet for most people. No surprise then that so many choose to gamble online and on mobile. But is it legal to gamble in this way?

The answer, wherever you are in Australia, is ‘yes’. Players are free to gamble on casinos, sports betting sites, online slots and a range of other gambling games, with incentives and bonus packages designed to attract Australian players. There is some legislation in this area, enforced by the Licensing Commission, but this deals purely with casino providers, ignoring players who remain at liberty to gamble as they please.

Some have expressed concern that the government want to tighten up these laws further, which they fear might restrict citizens from gambling in future. There are no signs that this is the case, and in any event Australian authorities would find it incredibly difficult to prevent legal, legitimate offshore casinos from attracting Australian players. In a nutshell, there is no cause for concern when it comes to gambling in the Northern Territory.

Gambling Laws in the Northern Territory
The gambling laws here are the same as they are elsewhere in Australia. As a starting point, it’s important to remember that it is entirely legal for anyone to gamble online, without exception. You are at liberty to choose your own gambling provider, whether they are based in Australia or not.

Legislative efforts are concerned with regulating Australia-based casinos and the services they can provide. These laws don’t go very far, and can only claim jurisdiction over Australian companies. As a result, the effect is barely noticeable for Australian gamblers, who can continue to enjoy the full scope of gambling entertainment available online and on mobile.
Australian companies can’t offer interactive gambling to Australian citizens. But they can offer it internationally, and international providers can offer these services to Australian gamblers. This means there is little difference for players in Australia from players in the UK or Europe – they all enjoy absolute freedom to gamble online.

Sports Betting
Whether it’s soccer, Aussie rules, tennis or horses, sports betting is entirely above board in the Northern Territory. You can choose to gamble with an Australian bookie online, but in doing so you miss out on in-play and cash out features online. You can bet on these options over the phone.

Most players instead choose to sign up with a major international sports betting company, allowing them a full range of betting markets, odds and features online or on their mobile. The mobile apps in particular make gambling in-play simple and straightforward. And you can bet safe in the knowledge that it’s entirely legal.

Casino Gambling
If you can’t make it to one of the land-based casinos, or the thought of playing in a live environment seems daunting, do not despair – online casinos are perfectly legal right across the country, so you’re good to go, wherever you live. Aussie casinos can’t accept online gambling from within Australia, but that doesn’t mean your options are any fewer.
Those that enjoy a whole range of casino games online bet with major international brands, all without concern about the laws. Any laws that exist are designed to regulate casinos, not their players, so you can enjoy the action without hesitation or restriction.

Pokies, or slots are their knowns elsewhere around the world, represent a huge and growing portion of the online gambling sector. Again, Australian operators are restricted in what they can offer, but international operators are totally free to provide slots games, including those with progressive jackpots, for Australian players.
It’s just a case of signing up for your account, taking advantage of your free spins and deposit bonuses, and getting started. Your betting is legal, your winnings are legal, and there are absolutely no restrictions on the types of games you can play online or on mobile.

Online poker is a major part of the gambling industry worldwide, made even more popular by the growing professional poker circuit. Major global tournaments now happen online and even on mobile, uniting players from across the world in a head to head battle for cash wins.
Australian poker operators are excluded by law from offering their services online. But for your poker play, this is hardly a barrier – just sign up with one of the reputable international brands, and you can take part without any legal worries.

The Verdict – Legal, Bet Wherever You Like
As an Australian citizen, you have control over how you bet, including online and on mobile. There is nothing the Australian authorities can do to prevent gambling, and no laws on the statute books that attempt to restrict these freedoms.

The environment for casinos themselves has got stricter, with the effect of limiting the options available to Aussie players from specifically Aussie-based casinos. But with the Act in force from 2001, and millions of people still freely choosing to gamble online, it remains no barrier to placing a bet or spinning the roulette wheel for real money online.

Don’t sweat it. If you’re based in the Northern Territory, you can gamble safe in the knowledge that you’re doing so legally and legitimately, just like millions of others across the world.