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Gold Coast Titans Vs Melbourne Storm Betting

NRL Round 23 Betting: Gold Coast Titans Vs Melbourne Storm – Saturday 13th of August 2011

Got any plans for Saturday between the hours of 7:30 to 9:30? How does making a hell of a lot of money sound? Well that is definitely achievable if you have a lot of money to invest on this one as it is a sure thing for the Storm. Well, it is a match of Rugby League and stranger things have been known to happen, at this time of year though it is hard to see the focus of the Storm faltering. Seriously, is there any chance of the Titans winning in this one?

Hold your Horses! The Titans have won the only 2 matches played at Skilled Park against the Melbourne Storm. There is hope after all. Well, hope is about all there is; skill, ability, roster, coaching, fitness, form, professionalism…. all in favour of the Storm.

Gold Coast Titans Vs Melbourne Storm Casualties List


Ashley Harrison

Ben Ridge

Kevin Gordon

Michael Henderson

Nathan Friend

Ryan James

Scott Prince


Adam Woolnough

Chase Stanley

Jake Hawkins

Matt Duffie

Mitchel Johnson

Rory Kostjasyn

Todd Lowrie

Titans Preview – LLLLW

Well the Titans won last week and we can’t take that from them. Just the same as we can’t give them the 6 they lost in a row before that. So yes, they will win the occasional game, but they won’t win 2 in a row, not to mention the second has to be against the Storm.

Why the Titans CAN win – Home Ground, Pride to play for, historical record…. not much really

Why the Titans WILL lose – hmmm…. skill, ability, roster, coaching, fitness, form, professionalism. That’s right, already mentioned that!

Storm Preview – WWWWWWWWWW (10)

Yeah I normally don’t go longer than a “Last 5” record, but this deserves some credit. The Storm have undoubtedly been the form team of 2011, with just 3 losses in the entire season. 3 losses! That is incredible. 12 of their 20 played in 2011 have been against bottom 8 teams, so they have had a good draw thus far, and this match makes it 13/21 against bottom 8 teams.

Why the Storm are so good – As much as the Storm players like to deny it, there is clearly a “Big 3” down south. I’m sure you all have heard of Cameron Smith, Billy Slater and Cooper Cronk. This is the core of the Storm machine. If one doesn’t play well the other 2 pick up the slack. Almost every week we see one of these 3 play outstanding and the other 2 will not look out of place. It’s almost as if they rotate which player will dominate every week. With a great supporting cast it’s hard to go past these guys.

Bookmakers Odds & Prediction

The Storm has the minor premiership in their sights and a win here will all but secure the victory. They only lost 3 all season; I can’t see much but a Storm total domination in this one. They will get their first win at Skilled Park in the Clubs history.

Best Bets For Gold Coast Titans Vs Melbourne Storm

No surprises here with the Storm paying $1.13 for the win. So if you fancy a lot of investments for a little return then get on the Storm for the win, you can’t go wrong. Consider how long it would take you to get this sort of a payout in a savings account and I’m sure you can see the logic in betting on this. For some half decent odds get on the Storm for 13+ which is $1.57.