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Newcastle Knights Vs Brisbane Broncos Betting

NRL Round 24 Betting: Newcastle Knights Vs Brisbane Broncos – Monday 22nd of August

The Broncos are heading down to Newcastle and are looking to get their first win there since 2008. A victory to the Broncos (currently 3rd) will cement a spot in the top 4 and will also threaten Manly’s position on the ladder (2nd), especially if the Eagles are bested by the Bulldogs. The Knights are in the race for the 8 with their position being gunned down by the Rabbitohs and Bulldogs.  They are equal with the Rabbitohs after their win against the Cowboys but have them covered by 53 on point’s differential (plus or minus their winning or losing margin on Monday night).

These 2 met in Round 5 of the comp and it was the Broncos at Suncorp that walked away with the win, 17-6. The 3 before that all went to the Knights and a couple of those were by significant margins (26 in 2010 and 16 in 2009). Tinkler and his Knights need a win here to cement their spot in the 8, it will almost guarantee it, and it will be locked down tight if they win next week as well.

Newcastle Knights Vs Brisbane Broncos Casualties List


Ben Rogers

Zeb Taia

Shannon McDonnell

Wes Naiqama


Jordan Kahu

Dunamis Lui

Ben Hannant

Jharal Yow Yeh

Newcastle Knights Betting Preview – WWLWW

The Knights look like they have finally found a winning half and 5/8 combo with young Ryan Stig now considered a permanent for them. The promising young 5/8 has showed that he can pull off all the right moves to get his team over the line with some impressive performances. Still, he is a rookie and the learning curve is steep. He still has a lot of mistakes to make in order to grow as a player.

The Line up for the Knights is looking as good as it has all season with a majority of its best players taking to the field. Naiqama and Rogers are still out though and they have had some good games this year.

A loss to the Warriors last week derailed the Knights campaign to the Finals as they looked set by winning the 3 before. They are still not a threat for the competition though as their 3 wins came against the Sharks, Titans and Raiders, whose respective positions on the ladder are 12, 16 and 14. Compare this to the Broncos below. To back this up, the Knights have only won 2 of 11 played against teams in the top 8.

Brisbane Broncos Preview – WLWWW

The Bronco’s have won 3 in a row, and theirs came against the Sharks, Warriors and Cowboys. These 3 teams have ladder positions of 12, 6 and 4. So the Broncos last 3 wins mean a lot more than the Knights measly bottom 8 trouncings.

Don’t let this fool you though. We still have a game on our hands as the Knights have a hell of a lot to play for. The Broncos need to be weary of the right side attack from the Knights. They have Uate in very good form at the moment and Adam MacDougall has been in the best form of the season.

Knights Vs Broncos Odds & Predictions

The Broncos are a top 8 side and the Knights can’t seem to beat any in this bracket. I would like to see the Knights lose here as it will make the race for the 8 all the more interesting. If they can keep the score respectable they still have the wood over the Rabbitohs and Bulldogs. If not they are opening the flood gates.

Best Bets For Newcastle Knights Vs Brisbane Broncos NRL League

The Broncos are paying well for the H2H at $1.65. I think they Knights will definitely keep the score respectable so a 1-12 is on the cards for the Broncos. Get on this paying $3.00