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North Queensland Cowboys Vs Cronulla Sharks Betting

NRL Round 25 Betting: North Queensland Cowboys Vs Cronulla Sharks – Saturday 27th of August

The Cowboys season is almost in free fall after 3 straight losses to teams that were hungry for more. Last week was a courageous loss to a valiant South Sydney team in Golden Point. It should have not got to that point though with the Cowboys being in a winning position for a lot of the second half. The Sharks succumbed to 6 straight losses and compounded a disappointing 2011 as they let the Roosters run all over them in the last 8 minutes of play.

This is the last home match in the regular season for the Cowboys and they will want to go out with a bang. To get a home semi final they need to win this, and they will be facing off against current 4th placed Warriors for a top 4 showdown.

The Cowboys have won 3 of the last 4 against the Sharks with the only loss being by 1 point. The average winning margin for the Cowboys in the last 4 is 21 points.

North Queensland Cowboys Vs Cronulla Sharks Casualties List


Antonio Winterstein

Blake Leary

Dane Hogan

Shannon Gallant


Jayson Bakuya

North Queensland Cowboys Betting Preview – WWLLL

The Cowboys could not have asked for a better match up with just 2 weeks to go in the season. The Sharks are a bad team in a form slump. Now that is one losing combination. The Cowboys are a good team in a form slump so they should not have any trouble at home.

The last 2 matches have become crucial to the Cowboys hopes of having any impact in the finals at all. If they can manage to win this week and next, not only will they secure a home ground win they will also carry the psychological advantage over the Warriors. There is a big chance they will meet the Warriors in the first week of the finals as well, so this makes it all the more important.

If the Cowboys play as good as they did last week then they will be too much for the Sharks to handle.

Cronulla Sharks Betting Preview – LLLLL

This season has been very dismal for 4 teams in particular; The Raiders, Titans, Eels and Sharks. All 4 of these teams have been able to knock up 6 straight losses in 2011, this is very poor. The Salary cap looks like it has not done its job for the first time in a lot of years as there is great disparity between the good teams and the bad.

The Cowboys can include themselves as 1 of the good teams, and with the Sharks being one of the bad there is not much hope for the Shire dwellers.

There is not much to play for in this as the Sharks have to travel to North Queensland and are expected to meet in a match that means very little to them. Even with such a strong forward pack the Sharks will struggle.

Bookmakers Tips & Predictions For Cowboys Vs Sharks

This time of year can be dangerous as the ladder is so well established; a lot of punters just choose the team on to beat the team closer to the bottom. I still think the Cowboys will win, but I can’t see much in it. I’ll give the Cowboys an 8 point win.

Best Bets For NRL North Queensland Cowboys Vs Cronulla Sharks

Holy Toledos the Cowboys are paying just $1.13 for the H2H win! These are ridiculously short odds, especially for a team that has lost 3 in a row. They did play well last week though so this will still come through. I am getting the 1-12 and this is still paying very well because 13+ is so favoured. $3.50 is what you will receive at the bookies.