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South Sydney Rabbitohs Vs Sydney Roosters Betting

NRL Round 19 Betting: South Sydney Rabbitohs Vs Sydney Roosters – Saturday 16th of July 2011

Kicking off Super Saturday sees is the ancient war between the oldest of rivals in the South Sydney Rabbitohs against the Sydney Roosters, formerly known as the Eastern Suburbs. These two have been at is since 1908 and there have been some very memorable clashes between the two. The Roosters have ruled the Roost in recent times with 7 of the last 10 going to the chooks. Both teams are not travelling as well as they would have imagined at the beginning of the season. The Rabbitohs can blame some of their poor form on their injured players list, the Roosters… well they have no excuses at all, they have just been poor.

The Roosters are coming off a win for only the 5th time this year as they caused a major upset against the Panthers at the SFS last week, winning in a see-saw of a match by an eventual score line of 34-26. The Rabbitohs are coming off yet another loss, their 10th of the season, against the Eagles at Brookvale with a score of 36-22.

This is played at ANZ stadium where the Rabbits have only won once in the 5 encounters with the Roosters at this venue. This is clash number 203 between the arch rivals, with the Rabbitohs being the overall victors on 105 wins wins to 92 and 5 draws. I would be taking more notice of the last 3 going to the Roosters though.

Casualties List


Roy Asotasi

Scott Geddes

Luke Stuart

Sam Burgess

David Taylor


Anthony Minichiello

Mose Masoe

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves

Martin Kennedy

Anthony Cherrington

Mitchell Aubusson

Daniel Conn

Rabbitohs NRL Betting Preview – LWWLL

The Rabbitohs season has not been great to say the least. They have struggled for form and coach John Lang has looked like he is on the verge of a breakdown since about round 3. There have been a lot of players missing with injury, and with their main strengths being the forwards it has been a tough season with their firepower being sidelined. This is not helped by the fact that David Taylor still has 4 weeks remaining on his 5 week sentence.

Last week there it was a much improved performance as they were in a position to win against the Eagles for a lot of the game. But the Eagles were always going to get the better of them and I did not once worry about losing my bet as they finish so strongly every week. T Eagles ability to finish games is the complete opposite to the Rabbits, they have been in position to win a lot of games this season but have been unable to finish well.

They will need to finish well in this one as the Roosters proved they can still score points with a 34 point haul against the Panthers. Earlier in the season the Rabbitohs had the highest points for and against, meaning most encounters resulted in large score lines. Expect the same here.

Roosters NRL Betting Preview – WLLLW

So the Roosters kept their dim candle alight for the 2011 premiership race with a much needed win against the Panthers. This is the dimmest candle I have seen in a long time, with most end of season projections leading towards a 30 point cut off to make the 8. With this in mind the Roosters need to win every single match up to the finals in order to finish on 30, so if they want to have any chance at all they will need to win this, and the next, and the next, and the next….. etc.

This is highly unlikely, and if they can pull this off there is no reason why they can’t win the Grand Final. I have no hopes of this happening though.

Last week the Roosters were both good and bad. It was one of the most ridiculous matches of the season, with both teams seemingly throwing the game for a majority of the match. There was a total of 11 line breaks, this is a lot more than a normal game. The Roosters were the proud recipients of 7, and this proves that they have something to bring to the comp. Pearce and Carney finally combined for the first time in 2011 and set up some good plays for each other as well as the rest of the team. They play like this again and its lock stock for the Roosters.

Rabbitohs Vs Roosters Prediction

This is a hard match to tip given both teams inconsistency in 2011. I have to go with the Roosters on this occasion, they had 7 line breaks and the Pearce-Carney combo finally clicked. They will be working on this all week and will bring their A-game. Roosters 1-12.

South Sydney Rabbitohs Vs Sydney Roosters Best Bets

The bookies are finding it hard to split these two as well, with the Roosters paying $1.95 for the win. May as well push it to get more than double your investment with Roosters giving a 2 point start paying $2.15