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Sydney Roosters Vs Cronulla Sharks Betting

NRL Round 24 Betting: Sydney Roosters Vs Cronulla Sharks – Saturday 20th of August

Another Saturday night game and another dead rubber, this time between the Dragon Slaying Roosters and Sharks. There is a difference in Dragon Slaying techniques; The Roosters do it while they are down, the Sharks were able to do it when they were in some good form at the Start of the season. The fact that both teams were able to upstage the Dragons means little at this stage of the season.

The Roosters have got much better form coming into this one with wins in 2 of their last 3. The Sharks are coming of 5 straight losses.

The Sharks will be hosted by the Roosters at the SFS in front of what is sure to be a miniature crowd. All in all the Roosters have a good record against the Sharks winning 53 of 81 in total and 11 of the 18 at the SFS. Don’t be deterred Shark’s fans; you have won the last 3 against the Roosters, including 2 times in 2010, a season where the Roosters made it to the Grand Final.

Sydney Roosters Vs Cronulla Sharks Casualties List


Anthony Cherrington

Martin Kennedy

Daniel Conn

Mitchell Aubusson

Steve Naughton

Rhys Pritchard

Boyd Cordner


Albert Kelly

Jayson Bakuya

Roosters Betting Preview – LLWLW

So the Roosters have hit a little bit of form over the last 6 weeks with 3 wins and 3 losses. Usually a 50/50 record for the season will be just enough to sneak through in 8th position, so at the moment you could say they are playing as good as a team that would finish in 8th. This means little when considering there is usually a massive difference between 8th and 1st.  Still, form is form and they are going alright.

These boys will want to get some revenge against the Sharks as they have lost the last 3 against them. With a home ground advantage they are well in line to do so.

The Roosters have started to get back to where they were last season with an average of 21 points scored over the last 6 weeks. In their last 3 wins they have averaged just under 29 PPG. This is how they won last year, by scoring plenty. If they can play with freedom and carelessness they will get up. If they try to win the arm wrestle against the Sharks they will lose.

Sharks Betting Preview – LLLLL

I mentioned earlier that the Sharks are coming off 5 losses in a row. Well before that they were starting to look like a threat for the finals with 4 wins in a row. What worries me is the fact that the 4 in a row were against bottom 8 sides. Even more worrying is the fact that 2 of the last 5 lost were against teams that they beat in that run of 4 wins. It gets worse; they beat them playing away, and lost to them when at home. So all this points to one simple fact; they were in form, and now they are not.

We saw the Roosters take the Dragons to the cleaners last week during their form slump. So this week they are up against a weaker team in a form slump, surely the Sharks can’t get up.

There is one last thing to mention here that favours the Sharks in a big way; The Roosters have not had back to back wins all season!

Bookmakers Odds & Prediction

Both teams are on equal points on the ladder and it’s only for and against that has the Sharks over the Roosters. A win here will get either team into the top half of the bottom 8, so a win here will do the world of good for their post and pre season confidence. The Roosters have to get back to back wins at some stage and this is pretty much the last opportunity they will have to do so. Roosters will win this one by 1-12.

Best Bets For Sydney Roosters Vs Cronulla Sharks NRL League Betting

The Roosters are too short for a straight out H2H bet as they are paying $1.54. The best bet for this one is to get on the Roosters paying $2.02 for a victory by 7 or more.