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Boxing Odds and Betting Markets

Wed, Nov 9, 3:58am by Noah Taylor

Last Updated Mon, Oct 7, 11:53pm

With athletes participating from all countries and events held across the world, boxing is truly an international sport. Unlike team sporting leagues, boxing isn’t confined to a particular period of the year for its ‘season’ which makes it quite a convenient sport for punters to wager on all year round.

Despite its global presence, the undisputed home of boxing is in the United States and in particular, Las Vegas. The feature time slot for boxing globally is Saturday night Vegas time in the US which is Sunday afternoon AEST.

It must be said that Europe would be the second most popular geographical location for the sport, with the United Kingdom now establishing itself as the next most popular place for major boxing events after Las Vegas nowadays.

Head to Head Betting 

The easiest and most popular way to bet on boxing is via head to head betting. Simply, who do you think is going to win the fight – fighter A or fighter B?

Given boxing is a one on one contest where one single punch can change the complexion or the outcome of the fight, this is certainly an option that can never be discounted.

Method of Victory Betting

The method of victory option is a terrific option to consider for extra value than ‘head to head’ betting, particularly if you are confident in how you feel the fight will unfold.

There a five options available for punters under this betting method, a win on points (decision on judges scorecards) for each fighter, a win via knockout for each fighter or a draw.

In boxing, it is common for a fighter to have a certain style in the ring, which may be conducive to winning on points or getting a stoppage.

Let’s take Floyd Mayweather for example, with an incredible 50-0 professional career win-loss record, ‘Money’ has entered the ring throughout his career a head to head betting favourite. This may serve as a deterrent to the punter who is looking a wage a bet on him.

What is also known about him is that over the past decade, Floyd has earnt the majority of his victories on the scorecards rather than via a knockout. Therefore, if you were confident in a Mayweather victory and looking for extra value, a Mayweather win on points is an option you could take up.

Round Betting 

If you are looking to maximise your returns, round betting is the one for you!

The traditional method of round betting allows you to select the individual round you feel the winner will emerge triumphant. The odds set for each round can differ for each fighter, which is generally reflective of their odds in the ‘head to head’ betting market.

However, this can slightly differ where a fighter who may be an outsider head to head, may be seen as a more dangerous puncher and may possess lower odds in the ‘round betting’ market as their main chance for victory would be inside the distance.

Generally speaking, the odds for a knockout win pay the highest in round one, decrease incrementally to about round six and seven, then go up again with generous odds offered for a KO in rounds 11 and 12.

Round betting has evolved in more recent times with variations of this method introduced to allow punters more flexibility in their round selections.

Group Round Betting 

Group round betting offers this flexibility. Rather than betting on an individual round where you require the finish of the fight to occur in that single round, group round betting allows you to select a group of rounds where this is to take place.

Each of the variations offers differing levels of value to punters. For instance, you can select a group of two rounds (e.g. rounds 1 to 2), three rounds (e.g. rounds 1 to 3), four rounds (e.g. rounds 1 to 4) up to six rounds (e.g. rounds 1 to 6).

With boxing, your particular fighter may be proficient in winning fights in the second half of the fight and you might look to place a grouped round bet for rounds 7 to 12. Or the opponent of your fighter may have a tendency to fatigue late in fights, which may result in you learning to a late round finish.

This is where grouped round betting can offer you higher odds than your standard ‘head to head’ or ‘method of victory’ options and may be more to your liking.

Total Rounds

The other major market in boxing is the over/under for rounds in the fight.

In assessing contest between the two combatants, this option allows you to determine whether the fight will last over or under the set amount of rounds stated by the bookmaker.

This option is the closest thing to ‘line’ betting in the sport, where rather than giving a team a head start or deficit, a set amount of rounds is set for the fight to last between the two doing battle.

If you are unsure who will win the fight but are confident how long the contest will last, this is a great option for you. It generally doesn’t provide the value of the above mentioned options, but may be a handy alternative to picking the prohibitive favourite to win head to head.

Other Betting Options

Boxing offers a number of other options for punters to consider, which include the following:

Will the fight go the distance?            

A ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ betting option which offers different prices to the respective options based on the match up taking place.

What minute will the fight end in?

A betting option which allows you to select what exact minute in the fight the bout will end. This one is good if you aren’t confident who will win, but have a feeling of when the bout will end, with tremendous value on offer.

What round will the fight end / When will the fight end?

Another betting option where you don’t need to pick the winner, but the exact round the bout will end. The ‘when will the fight end’ variation offers a grouped round finish to the fight, which provides slightly less returns but may suit your risk/reward appetite.