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Bingo Apps is our #1 rated real money Australian Bingo site.

Here’s a little drinking game you can play with your friends: Type in anything into your smartphone’s app search bar. The goal is to type something that doesn’t already exist as an app yet.

Type in “bird identifier,” or “nose picker.” Type in “dice” or “rolling can.” It’s not easy, is it? If you type in something that already exists, then you have to take a drink. In no time at all, you and your friends will be full on lampshade. In the modern world of electronic and online games and gaming, it’s no surprise that there is, to quote the five-year-old iPhone commercial, “an app for that.”

Following that sentiment, it should also serve as no surprise that there are dozens of mobile apps for the game of bingo, both free and for a reasonable price. These apps exist for the iphone, Android, ipad, and any other mobile device you can think of.

Mobile Gaming Applications

Bingo AppsTo play using your smartphones, tablet computers, and mp3 players, you’ll need these mobile gaming applications found on a mobile gaming apps store, such as iTunes. You’ll find both free apps and those which cost a bit of money. These usually cost about $1 and almost always less than $5. This software contains all you need to play virtual bingo as if you were really gaming.

This might not be enough for those used to playing bingo offline. Luckily, these players have another alternative.

To play bingo for real money using your mobile gadgets, you’ll need to download an app from a mobile bingo hall, so your device can interface with that site. These will not be found at a standard apps store, but instead at a dedicated website specific to gaming with real money. Each of these bingo sites has its own software package, so you’ll need an application compatible with that individual site to make your device work properly.

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Australian Gambling has taken the time to list a whole suite of mobile bingo halls which you can find on the Internet, if you want to play for real money. You’ll find these descriptions elsewhere on the site. Those who prefer gaming apps for virtual play need to know which titles they might want, so we’ll provide a list of the best bingo apps out there.

First, let’s explore the game of bingo itself and find out how it might differ in the electronic niche from what you might be used to playing at your favourite Australian bingo parlour.

How to Play 90-Ball Bingo

Bingo is so popular because it’s an easy game to learn. Children play it in classrooms as a teaching tool, while adults play it in halls or online for money or other rewards. Given its simplicity, little explanation is needed, but online bingo provides several modes of play, so this might confuse matters a bit.

In the traditional game, the player purchases one to several cards, depending on the house or online rules, buys a red dauber, beans, or other method of marking the cards, and awaits the call from the bingo caller. In Australian 90-ball bingo, the card is 9 columns and 3 rows, with 15 numbers spread throughout the 9×3 grid. In fact, six of these grids are included on every card, so you get 90 numbers per ticket. Each number between 1 and 90 is found somewhere on the card.

Playing 75-Ball Bingo

Online players in Australia are quite familiar with the game above, but might be lost playing the other major game they’ll find on mobile bingo sites.

In American 75-ball bingo, the card consists of five rows and five columns composing a total of 25 spaces. The space in the middle of the 5×5 grid is a free spot, so you can mark it out immediately. The columns are labelled according to the letters in the name “bingo,” so the first column of numbers is under “b,” the second is under “i,” the third is under “n,” and so on.

Now then, let’s say the caller pulls a bingo ball out of the machine or tumbler that mixes all of the balls up, and printed on that ball is “I 43.” If the player has a number 43 within the column designated by the “i” in bingo in any one of his or her cards, then the player marks that number. The player is declared a victor if they achieve five consecutive marks, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, on any one of their cards. Once this occurs, the player calls out bingo and the game is won.

Picking Mobile Games to Play

Picking games in an electronic setting is much different. In this situation, you’ll click on 75-ball or 90-ball. If you play using a free gaming app, you’ll probably have a handful of gaming options. In this case, simply click on the choice you want to play, just as you do in other computer gaming.

If you play at a mobile casino, you’ll find a list of games. Information on each game includes the time it starts, the entry fee, the prize money, and which form of the game is being played. The interface looks a lot like an online poker site’s tournament selection, if you want a point of reference.

Now that you know the gaming apps and a little something about how the mobile version of the game is played, it’s time to start playing. Whether you’re playing with Android or iPhone, Blackberry or Mobile phone, you should be able to find a free bingo game app to keep you entertained. If nothing else, you now know a bunch of bingo-related apps not to use during the app search drinking game. Enjoy.

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