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Android Bingo Apps

Tue, Aug 13, 7:20am by Charlotte Lee

Last Updated Tue, Oct 8, 12:15am

*Unfortunately, there aren’t any real money bingo apps available for Aussie players. We do have a list of casinos offering online casino apps. You can view our recommendations here!*

Android has fast become the most popular operating system in the world for mobile devices, including tablets and readers. This poses huge opportunities for fun and even some real money prizes if you are a bingo enthusiast with a broad attention span or you’re somewhat lucky.

As an open sourced operating system based partially on Linux, Android does not require its software designers to purchase code in order to operate within its framework. The makers of Android have published its code so that it is available to everyone.

This allows a continuous flow of software applications that you can find, mostly for free to download at the Google Play store. Bingo apps for online play are no exception.

Popular Bingo Apps for Android

A quick perusal of all the bingo games on Android will quickly show the huge variety of apps available. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Housie – Bingo – Tambola by Pradeep Kumar Ratnalla is the kind of housie game that you can play with an online connection either as a host or player at another device’s hosted party. You may set this program to deal in real or play money and it even allows you to turn your home into a bingo hall while it tallies off the numbers out loud for you.
  • Housie Mania 3.0 by Droid Hub offers an online multiplayer housie game from the same designers who brought out Wheel of Fortune. This app allows you to access an online database and play housies for real money online from your Android phone. Like many Android apps, it’s free.
  • Bingo Run, the free game from Tinidream studios offers the ultimate online gaming experience when if features free pokies in addition to online access to fourteen different real money bingo rooms. Using this game in conjunction with Facebook allows players to play and chat with other players within a world-wide network of bingo bliss.
  • Bingo Heaven by Super Lucky Casino showcases colorful graphics and interfaces with Facebook so you can play for play money and bonuses you can earn to transform into real money prizes.
  • Mobile Housie by Gorwani Infracon features an online version that also goes through Facebook, but one where you can choose to play for real money or play money as well as an offline mode for games in brick and mortar locations. This free application allows you to play many variations on the Australian style 90 version Housie and the 75 version of bingo for Quick Five games. Whichever style you play, mobile housie has it for you. Win points in the real money version that can be transferred into cash through a variety of methods.
  • Bingo Jungle by Sigma Game Limited provides a game that melds aspects of bingo together with the roulette wheel. Instead of picking numbers out of a hopper like a traditional bingo game or making pixelated balls appear with numbers on them as is the case with many creatively challenged bingo apps, Bingo Jungle uses a roulette style wheel to trap a ball at a certain number. The 3D graphics in this game are fiery and beautiful, and a gaming experience not to be missed.

Play Bingo Online

Android Bingo AppsIn addition to the free applications available from Google Play, you can also play bingo online at your favorite casinos while using your mobile device with an Android operating system. Many such casinos will feature an Android compatible app that you can download and install for free from their website.

Even if your favourite online casino does not have a compatible application to install on your tablet or smart phone, you almost always have a no download version that you can play through a browser with flash or java platforms.

With so many options abounding, it’s good to try out multiple games and meet the people you find online there. It is like joining any other kind of community–you want to make sure it’s the right fit. The beauty of the Android apps system is that so many of your bingo applications are free so you can try them all with minimal fuss and find the games that are to your liking.

Peculiarities of Online Bingo Play

If you are new to playing online for real money, you may experience moments peculiar to the online experience where the announcer stutters through a sequence of numbers with nary a pause in between. This is usually the result of lag time in the connection, which could be on your end but as likely as not on someone else’s end as well. If this happens, double check your cards and make certain you have not missed any numbers. In games where this happens playing multiple cards becomes exceedingly difficult.

A Tip for Online Bingo Play

Despite the level of difficulty, if you feel you have the attention span and concentration skills, play with multiple cards when you want to win more than you want to interact with others. Multiple cards mean you have multiple chances at winning before others, so you can achieve a slight statistical advantage over most players.

You may even find that playing multiple bingo cards at once can train your brain to increase your concentration skills. In this case your Android tablet or smart phone becomes a tool for increasing your brain power as well as a mobile gaming device!

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