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Why Play in Australian Dollars?

Wed, Jun 27, 7:04pm by William Brown

Last Updated Tue, Oct 8, 12:54am

When you sign up for an online casino, online poker site, or other online gambling site, the ways in which you can use the Australian dollar (AUD) can vary tremendously. Some sites act as though the currency doesn’t exist, while others make tables available where you can play in Australian dollars. Most sites fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

But should the level of AUD service matter to you as an Australian online casino player? The answer is yes – at least up to a certain point. While some features won’t change your gambling experience much, there are at least some features which Australian players will find make their lives a lot easier when gambling.

Best AUD Online Casinos

There are currently two casinos that are the best for Australians to deposit, play and withdraw at in AUD.

  • Royal Vegas Casino – best customer service and fast cashout times. The team at have a very close relationship with them so can swiftly help with any issues.
  • Casino-Mate – A highly respected company which offers its services to Australians. They have a long history of being a trustworthy operation. Your money is safe here.

Australian Dollar Gambling

Most of the time when you think of money on an online gambling site, you’re thinking about the actual gambling – the bets you’re making at the virtual tables. But believe it or not, this is probably the aspect of online casino play where the currency you use is the least important.

It’s easy to understand why this is so. When you’re actually betting money at the table, you’ll win or lose with the same odds in any currency, and the payouts are exactly the same whether you bet with Australian dollars, American dollars, Euros or pounds.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you have some idea of the exchange rates between these currencies when you make bets, just to be careful that you’re not betting way more than you want to. But even the difference between a bet in AUD and GBP is only about 50%, which while significant, probably won’t shock you if you happen to accidentally bet in pounds instead of AUD.

If you want to make sure that you’ll never make this kind of mistake, you might want to look for table games, pokies and poker tables that offer betting in AUD. This is always a nice touch for Australians, but for most players, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Deposits and Withdrawals

On the other hand, being able to deposit and withdraw money in AUD is definitely a feature that can come in handy. If you play at a site that allows such deposits, managing your money couldn’t be simpler: you’ll simply make the deposit in the method of your choice, and the same amount will appear in your casino account not long after.

But if the online casino you’ve chosen doesn’t offer AUD as a deposit option, you could run into a few headaches. When you deposit, your funds will appear in your account in whatever currency that site uses. This means that you’ll essentially be dealing with a currency exchange when you deposit, which means you’re at the mercy of whatever the exchange rate is between AUD and the currency used by the site.

Now, online gambling sites certainly aren’t in the business of causing their players to lose money before they even get to the tables, and you won’t see many sites trying to rip you off during this process. But nonetheless, there’s no guarantee of how close the exchange rates used by the sites will be to the “true” exchange rate, or how often the site updates these rates. This means it’s certainly possible to lose at least a small amount of money during the conversion process.

Even more troublesome, the exchange rate is likely to change somewhat between the time when you deposited your money and when you cash out. If this change isn’t in your favour, that could further lower the value of the money in your account. While some players might try to actually take advantage of this by attempting to “deposit low and withdraw high,” there are certainly better ways to engage in currency speculation than making deposits into online casinos.

Finally, when you withdraw, you’ll once again have to have your account balance translated back into AUD. If your casino has a slightly unfavourable exchange rate, you’ll lose money once again in this transaction.

The Bottom Line

If you want the easiest and most financially secure online gambling experience, you’ll want to play at a casino that offers the Australian dollar as a currency in which you can withdraw, deposit, and keep your account balance. If you have a site that you absolutely love that doesn’t offer this, don’t panic: as much as we talked about the downside to playing at a casino that doesn’t allow you to keep an AUD account balance, it’s usually not going to cost you too much even with a poor exchange rate.

But that said, the casinos we recommend will generally offer you the opportunity to make deposits in AUD, and we suggest you take advantage of this option. It’s a nice touch that not only shows the casino cares about its Australian players, but which can also save you a little money over the long run.