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Online Baccarat 2020

Thu, Apr 14, 10:35am by Charlotte Lee

Last Updated Sat, Feb 8, 4:39am

Online baccarat is one of the fastest-growing baccarat casino games on the Internet. It can be played by anyone, from poker fans to those who prefer online pokies. A casino game was in the VIP section of land-based casinos is now available in online, mobile, and live dealer formats. Baccarat provides the best odds of any casino game which doesn’t require a bunch of study and memorization, a main reason why playing baccarat online is growing in popularity.

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Online Baccarat Overview

The object of baccarat online is to predict which of two hands – the player or banker – will have a higher score, or if the hand will end in a tie. Before the cards are dealt, the player places a bet on Player, Banker or on the hands being a Tie.

baccarat online

After all players have made their bets, the dealer will give two cards each to the banker and player hands. Hands are scored by adding up the value of each card in the hand. Tens and face cards are scored as 0, aces are worth 1, and other cards are worth their rank (for instance, a six is worth 6).

The value of a hand cannot exceed 9; only the last digit in a score counts. This means that a hand of 14 is worth 4 points. The highest possible hand is a 9, while the lowest is a 0.

The Basics

Like blackjack, baccarat is played using a shoe that contains several standard decks of playing cards (usually six or eight). The object of the game is to guess which of two hands will win each game: the player hand or the banker hand. Despite the names, the dealer actually controls the play of both hands, so the players never handle the cards in baccarat (except in some VIP rooms, where the players will take turns dealing with help from casino staff).

At the start of each hand, the player may make one of three bets. They can, of course, bet on either the player or the banker hand to win. They may also bet on a tie outcome, which pays out at much higher odds.

How Do You Play Baccarat Online?

Depending on the scores of the two hands, one or both hands may end up taking a third card. The following rules are used to determine whether this occurs:

  • If either hand is an 8 or 9, then neither hand receives any more cards, and the hand is immediately over. This rule takes precedence over all other rules.
  • If the player’s hand has a value of 5 or less, then the player will receive a third card. If the player has 6 or more, the player stands.
  • The player stands, then the dealer will follow the player rule: taking a card with 5 or less, and standing with 6 or more.
  • If the player hits, the banker will choose whether or not to take a third card depending on a combination of the banker’s score and the player’s third card (a holdover from an older version of baccarat, where only the player’s third card would be face up).

Baccarat Banker Rules

The banker uses the following rules in this situation:

  • If the banker has a hand of 2 or less, the banker will always hit.
  • If the banker has a hand of 3, the banker will hit unless the player’s third card was an 8.
  • The banker has a hand of 4, the banker will hit if the player’s third card was between a 2 and a 7.
  • The banker has a hand of 5, the banker will hit if the player’s third card was between a 4 and a 7.
  • If the banker has a hand of 6, the banker will hit if the player’s third card was a 6 or 7.
  • If the banker has a hand of 7, the banker will always stand.

After any third cards have been dealt, the scores of the two hands are compared. The higher hand wins; if the two hands have the same score, the tie bet wins, while both banker and player bets push. Winning player bets are a payout play of even money. Winning banker bets receive a casino payment of even money, minus a 5% commission; in other words, a $20 bet would win $19. In most casinos, tie bets win 8-1, though 9-1 odds are sometimes offered instead.

Beginner Strategy

When playing baccarat online Australia , basic strategy suggests you wager on the banker bet. The banker bet has a 1.06% house edge, while the player bet is 1.24%. The tie bet’s house edge ranges between 4.85% and 14.40%, so the banker bet is the best wagering proposition in the game. Betting on the banker for a payout play could be called the optimal strategy when playing baccarat online.

Expert Strategy

If you play online baccarat games, you only have a few strategies, unlike poker. Chemin de Fer Baccarat — a version played in European casinos, but seldom found on the Internet — has a strategy element. Otherwise, if you are playing Punto Banco, Mini-Baccarat, or Midi-Baccarat, then the only strategies involve which bets to make.


If you happen to play side bets in baccarat online Australia , then it is easy to get mixed up on which bets to make, so pay attention.

Online Baccarat Odds

The baccarat house edge is one of the best for a card game in a casino, if you do not want to learn complicated strategy when playing baccarat online. That’s the reason many Las Vegas casinos put the traditional blackjack tables in the VIP section of their casinos.

What is the House Edge in Baccarat?

  • Banker– 1.06% House Edge
  • Player – 1.24% House Edge
  • Tie: 8:1 Payout– 14.40% House Edge
  • Tie: 9:1 Payout– 4.85% House Edge

Australian players might want to know the probability of a win for a payout play in baccarat online. While the numbers are relatively close, the banker wins at slightly more than a 1% pace than the player (punto) does. The banker wins more often because the player acts first. Because the player draws a third card before the dealer does, the player is going to draw a low combination slightly more than the banker does.

Probabilities of Winning

  • Banker Win– 45.84% Probability
  • Player Win– 44.62% Probability
  • Tie – 9.54% Probability

Online Baccarat FAQ

Is online baccarat random? Is online baccarat trustworthy?

Baccarat online Australia uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to produce results. Online casino and mobile casino software produces reliable, trustworthy, and random results. Baccarat online has a house edge, so a legitimate operator depends on the mathematical advantage to make a profit.

The more players they can sign up and the more hands those gamblers play, the more likely the online casino will make a profit from people playing baccarat online. If a casino’s RNG was unfair, it would be noticed and the site’s reputation would be ruined. This would cost the casino money in the long run.

Do you recommend live dealer baccarat?

Live dealer baccarat casino online is popular on the Internet, because it combines the social interaction of brick-and-mortar baccarat with the ease and convenience of online baccarat. If you don’t like Random Number Generators and simulated baccarat graphics, then you should try live baccarat casino online, where a live feed streams in a dealer, who deals your cards.

What’s the difference in baccarat and mini-baccarat?

Traditional Punto Banco Baccarat allows one of the players to act as the banker, who deals cards to the various players. Mini-baccarat has a house dealer who deals cards, though players can bet on the banker, player, or tie propositions. The odds are the same on both baccarat games. Because player-dealt baccarat goes slower and dealer-dealt baccarat goes faster, Mini-Baccarat exposes players to the house edge more times per hour. Thus, a player would be expected to spend more money per hour on Mini-Baccarat than standard Punto Banco Baccarat.

Can you play baccarat online for free?

A good baccarat casino online will allow you to play a couple online casino baccarat games for free, just to get used to how it is played. Australian players can also do this with a few table games at an online casino, such as poker. However, you will not receive any baccarat bonuses in your casino offers for playing a free game of baccarat online. This only happens if you play baccarat online real money.

Can you play baccarat online on a mobile device?

You can also play online casino baccarat games on your mobile device, if your online casino of choice supports a mobile casino. You can also do this with poker, video poker, and many others. Australian players are still allowed to access a casino bonus play, as well.

Can I Play Baccarat on the Internet in Australia?

Yes, Australians are permitted to play baccarat online. The Interactive Gambling Act prohibits gambling companies from offering online interactive gambling services to our residents, but does not actually disallow individuals from gambling at real money sites. Thus there are no legal companies running online casinos within our borders, but there are still hundreds of online casinos based in other nations around the world which accept Australian players (unaware of simply ignoring the IGA guidelines), and Australians may legally play at such sites.

Baccarat is a popular game in the world of online gambling. Virtually every online casino offers the game, with many featuring multiple versions of the game with slightly different styles or side bets. Baccarat is traditionally a popular game amongst high rollers, so it has also become a standard part of the live dealer games offered at many Internet casinos.

What Are the Best Bets?

Speaking mathematically, the best bet in baccarat for players is the banker bet. Assuming an eight-deck shoe, the banker bet has a house edge of just 1.06%, making it one of the better bets in most casinos. The player bet has a house edge of 1.24%. The one bet to avoid at baccarat tables is the tie bet. At the typical 8-1 odds, the house edge on the tie bet is 14.36%, and should only be made once every now and then as a lucky wager.

Does Card Counting Work?

The short answer to this question is no. While some cards in the shoe are better for the player hand and others are good for the banker, these effects are smaller than in a game like blackjack. In addition, the house edge is larger than in blackjack, and players do not have the opportunity to make strategic changes to further increase their odds. Even in the most ideal conditions with perfect mathematical counting and a very large bet spread – conditions a player would never be able to achieve in a casino – it would be nearly impossible to make more than a dollar an hour by card counting in baccarat. (Read about counting cards in blackjack here).

If that still sounds like a challenge you’d like to take on, we’d like to make it clear that card counting absolutely does not work in online baccarat. Since the cards are reshuffled after every hand and there is no deck penetration, cards are never removed from the virtual shoe.

How Do Variants Differ?

While most baccarat games in the online world will be very similar – with some various side bets showing up from time to time for some variety – brick-and-mortar casinos host a couple of different variants. The most typical of these games is mini baccarat. The dealer will handle all of the cards, allowing the game to be played at a quicker pace. In some high limit rooms, you might find “full table” or “big table” baccarat, which allows players more interaction during the game. Players take turns dealing the cards, and the player and banker hands are hidden until the person who is dealing looks at the cards. The casino employee is still responsible for paying out all winning bets and for keeping track of the score.

Is There a Strategy?

In the modern game of baccarat (sometimes called punto banco), there is no real strategy that can be effectively utilised by players, other than choosing the bets with the lowest house edge. However, this was not always the case. In older versions of the game, the player and banker hands remained face down. The player would choose to stand or take an additional card, after which the banker would make their own decision. The strategy in these decisions was eliminated from the modern casino game, but was incorporated in the rules that dictate when each hand must take an additional card.

What is the Commission?

The commission is a small fee taken by the casino from every winning banker bet. At most casinos, that fee is 5%. In some cases, you might be able to find a reduced commission; this lowers the house edge on the banker bet, making it even more desirable. Without the commission, the banker bet would actually have a player advantage of over 1.2%.