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Keno is like most other lottery games; it’s easy to determine results and quick to reset. A land-based casino could offer new keno games every 2 to 3 minutes, like a few of the daily lottery games here in Australia. For Internet gamblers, their favourite online casino can offer games in a much faster time span.

How Keno Started

Keno is a lottery game from China. (Read more about what keno is and how it works here.) Some Chinese claim the game started back thousands of years ago, perhaps as a fund-raising mechanism for an ancient Chinese emperor. Gambling historians scoff at that notion, claiming keno isn’t more than a hundred and seventy years old. The first mention of a lottery in China came in 1847, when Portuguese officials in their colony of Macau described the game. When the Chinese immigrated to the United States to work on the transcontinental railroad in the 1850’s onward, they brought their local raffles with them. It was in a Houston, Texas casino in 1866 when the game was first called keno.

Ever since then, the game has been grown in popularity. These days, the casinos in Macau have separate rooms for the game, while most other casinos in the world choose keno to be their in-house lottery variant. When the Internet came along, online casinos followed suit.

How Keno Is Played

Keno is played using the numbers 1 through 80. Players choose “spots”, or numbers. The more spots you play, the more your game ticket costs. The maximum amounts of numbers allowed is 20. When the drawing is held, the amount of cash you win is determined by how many numbers you selected “hit”. Pay charts are posted which detail how much you get paid for the number of hits you have. In Las Vegas, you’ll find as many as 30 to 40 different pay schedules. The house edge thus ranges between 35% and 4%, with the odds usually on the poor end of the scale. In many casinos, keno has the worst odds in the venue. It’s a lottery game, though, so the low payout percentage is to be expected.

The payouts are high when you hit a large number of your spots, called getting a “solid catch”. Unlike many lotto games, you don’t expect to guess 20 out of 20 numbers. The odds of doing that are astronomically high, somewhere like one-in-3.5 sextillion. If you’re wondering, sextillion comes after quintillion, quadrillion, and trillion. Don’t expect to win a clean sweep, but hope for a solid catch and you’ll win a lot of money. Typical payouts include 100,000:1 on the impossible wager, but 50:1 for 15 numbers and 200:1 for 16 numbers.

Platinum Play Online

Finding the keno games on a casino website can be a little troublesome. Many sites have the game listed among specialty games, though some list them among the table games, for lack of a better place to put them. At Platinum Play Casino, for example, you’ll see it listed among “parlour games”, along with scratch cards.

It’s not easy to find that page from certain pages on the website, but you will find it once you download the casino software. If you try to play as an instant play no-download game, that might be more difficult to locate. Search for the lotto game on the “other casino games” page.

Royal Vegas Casino

At the Royal Vegas Casino, click on the games page, then click on the “Other Casino Games” link at the top left hand corner of the page. Only then will a sub-heading appear with the word “Keno” showing in white letters. Click here and you can begin playing, either in the instant play or full downloaded option. If you want to download the casino software and find the game that way, it’s the optimal way to play.

7 Sultans Casino

The set-up is quite similar at 7 Sultans, so all you have to do is click on “Other Casino Games”, so the game link pops out for you. It’s a matter of playing the game through the instant play or full software download at that point. Remember the $1000 free welcome bonus, which includes 3 different payments.

Vegas Palms

It’s much easier to find on the Vegas Palms website. On the homepage, you’ll find a drop-down menu in the lower left hand corner of the page which says “Games in the Casino”. About halfway down the list, you’ll find it in the list. Click on it and you’ll be taken to the official page directly. Not only does Vegas Palms offer a game simulator and a download link, but there’s also a section labelled “New Keno Games” where the site’s owners promise to update you anytime they have a new version of the game to announce.

Variants of the Game

Variations to look for include versions with names like “Power”, “Super”, Top/Bottom, High/Low/Middle, Extra Draw, Jumbo Progressive, Triple Trouble, and Fremont Super Eight. Other names you might find are Triple Power, Jackpot Party, Caveman Plus, Exacta, Triple Diamond, Draw Poker, and Cleopatra Keno. Most of these I’ve never seen online, but the differences are subtle, so they’re easy to overlook. The basic way the game is played remains the same.

What’s different is the pay schedule. As I wrote earlier but want to emphasize now, the differences in payouts are huge in this game, so know what it is you’re playing. The hi/lo/middle game is found in certain Macau casinos (Lisboa), so you might be familiar with it. High is the majority of balls being between 41 and 80, while the low bet is the majority of the balls hitting between 1 and 40. The middle is a 10/10 split. This is similar to hi/lo betting in roulette.

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Progressive Jackpots

The Jumbo Bingo Progressive might not sound like it fits on this page, but it does. When you play at the Station Casinos around Nevada, you can get progressive odds on a pick 6, pick 7, pick 8, or pick 9 bet when playing keno. The minimum jackpot on these games ranges between $2,500 and $60,000. The break-even point ranges between $4,600 and $471,000, to give you some idea of the upward range these accumulated jackpots might have. Few of these games are going to be found online, but keep navigating back to this site and I’ll inform you what to expect.

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