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Understanding the 888 Poker Rewards Program

Sat, May 18, 1:09am by Ethan Anderson

Last Updated Tue, Oct 8, 12:25am

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If you’re a serious poker player, there are few things as important as understanding the rewards program at a new website.

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For high volume players the rewards program can add significantly to a player’s winnings, or turn a ‘break even’ player (or even a slight loser) into a winner.

For more casual players, a rewards program can grant access to tournaments that they wouldn’t normally be able to afford entry into.

888 Poker has one of the most comprehensive rewards programs available for online poker players, with over 10 tiers of membership.

To advance up the membership levels you earn status points which you earn by spending money at 888 Poker.

At the same time, you are earning rewards points which you can claim back for real money or prizes when you have collected enough.

The higher your status level the quicker you will earn rewards points.

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Determining your membership level

We mentioned earlier that there are 10 different tiers of membership to the rewards program. Your level of membership is determined by how many status points you have accumulated.

If you are playing a cash game every dollar you contribute in rake, you will earn two status points. In addition, you can also earn two Status Points for every $1 you pay in tournament fees. Finally, if you decide you want to try out some of the games in the 888 Casino, you’ll earn an extra status point for every $16 you bet in the casino.

You can have your membership upgraded on any day of the month with your new status your’s until the end of the next calendar month. So if you’re upgraded on January 10, you will remain at your new level until February 30.

Membership (SP required)
Blue: 0
Iron: 10
Chrome: 25
Copper: 50
Bronze: 100
Silver: 500
Gold: (VIP) 1,500
Platinum: (VIP) 4,500

As shown in the above table, there are several levels of VIP membership that can be reached. The moment you earn enough status points to reach a VIP status you will remain at the same level for a full year. So if you were upgraded on January 10, 2014, your level would remain at the same level until January 30 2015.

Below the cashier tab on the main menu page is your status level, as shown in the below picture, if you click on the colour it will take you to a page external (below right) of the downloadable 888 Poker suite where you will be able to access all of your rewards details.

888 Poker Rewards Program888 Poker

Earning and spending rewards points at 888 Poker

To begin earning rewards points at 888 Poker it’s as simple as downloading the software and creating a new account.

From that moment, anytime you are playing a cash game or tournament you will be earning rewards points. Rewards points are earned at a rate corresponding with the status level of your rewards membership. Obviously the higher your status level is the more rewards points you earn.

Bronze and Below: 1 Rewards Point per Status Point
Silver: 2 Rewards Points per Status Point
Gold: 4.5 Rewards Points per Status Point
Platinum: 9 Rewards Points per Status Point
VIP: 13.5 Rewards Points per Status Point
VIP Diamond: 18 Rewards Points per Status Point

Cashier 888 PokerWhen you have accumulated enough points you can redeem them for real money and prizes. You can access the My Rewards screen (pictured)through the ‘My Profile’ drop down menu. From this screen you can convert rewards points to real money or access the 888 Online Shop.

There are a number of things you can redeem these points for:

• Entry into 888 Poker’s Freerolls and tournaments (These include daily, weekly and monthly Rewards Freerolls with guaranteed cash prizes of up to $64,000 every month. You also have the chance to win cash and move multiple levels in 888 Poker’s special Status Tournaments).
• Credit at 888 Poker’s Online Shop (They sell 888 Poker branded merchandise, electronics, designer products and even holidays).
• Or you can redeem your points for real money at any time. When you redeem points they are credited straight to your 888 Poker bankroll.

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