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Sun Poker

Tue, Sep 22, 12:27pm by Ethan Anderson

Last Updated Tue, Oct 8, 1:00am

SunPoker is where the intermediate player can win bucket loads of cash. The SunPoker marketing team are more generous than any other online poker site right now. Let’s take a look at why the SunPoker player base has risen by more than 50% in 2009.

  • VIP system that gives you more money directly to your account.
  • $500 first deposit bonus.
  • A great mix of players. Plenty of terrible and loose games.
  • Customer support is the best (hands down).
  • They have beer pong!
  • Frequent promotions giving you more $$$

Start unlocking your bonus straight away.

Being around since 1997, SunPoker is now a trusted brand in the online poker market. That is hard to come by these days, with poker sites coming and going on a regular basis.

Why is SunPoker a Trusted brand?

  • Established in 1997
  • Has never been in financial trouble
  • Long history of timely payments
  • Held in high regard by their peers

If you are sick of playing at the major poker rooms, and are looking for an alternative with loose cash games, then I recommend SunPoker. I have been playing their since they were on the cryptologic network. They always had fanstastic promotions, but their software was terrible. Now they have new software, and their popularity is steadily increasing because of it.

SunPoker Bonus Details

SunPoker offers new players a competitive 100% up to $500. The details on howe to unlock the bonus are simple to understand.

  • Bonus is released in $5 increments.
  • $5 is released for every 5000 VIP Sun Points.
  • Sun Points can also be used for cash at the same rate. I.e you can use the 5000 Sun Points to claim $5. The bonus does not use the Sun Points.

SunPoker is Full of Fish!

And intermediate players… SunPoker is on the i-Poker network which is mainly made up of European players. For Aussies, we tend to view them as rocks or solid players. I have to beg the differ on this one though. It seems as though the majority of players are at the beginners to intermediate level. Their is a great mix of different types of players as well.

That being said, I view the players in general as weak. Even though I just said there are a mix of players, I find it very easy to win money at SunPoker. I estimate that on most of the tables I play at, half of them have close to no clue what they are doing.

Do you play poker to win money? If the answer is YES! Then visit SunPoker right now.

SunPoker has Exceptional Customer Service

SunPoker prides itself on giving the attention that poker players demand. Being a smaller room, they have more time to devote to their players. Nothing is more frustrating to me then being jerked around by some stupid customer support system.

  • 24 hour email support is available
  • Live support 16 hours a day
  • International phone support

Various Tournaments on Offer

  • $1 Million gauranteed
  • $10,000 VIP Tournaments
  • Irish Winter Festival
  • $400,000 Guaranteed Weekends
  • Jackpot SNGs (awesome value)

Attention Aussie Poker Players

SunPoker are currently looking for Aussies to light up their tables. In the near future they will be running special promotions just for us. Make an account now so you are the first to hear about them.