Batgirl and Catwoman Review

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Batgirl and Catwoman Review

Comic Book Action and Multiple Bonus Games in this Spectacular Live Poker Machine
This is an all action live pokie which showcases just how far Aussie software house Aristocrat has come. The primary theme is a battle between Batgirl, and her arch-enemy; Catwoman. You’ll also find Batman and Robin on the reels (together with other characters). This pokie plays on a giant curved screen, and even has a mechanical bonus wheel on top.

Great Reasons to Play Batgirl and Catwoman

Aside from the immersive feel, spoken quotes and clips from old TV shows featuring the characters, there are is some entertaining game-play. Here are the highlights:

  • Variable Reel Sizes: The reels can grow and shrink on every spin.
  • Progressive Jackpots: Get 5 stacked reels and you’ll play a picks game for cash and jackpot prizes.
  • Mechanical Wheel Bonus: This can award cash prizes, as well as entry into three different bonus games.

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Three Main Bonus Features

On reels 1, 3 and 5 you’ll find special ‘wheel bonus’ symbols. The reels disappear when all 3 of them hit, telling you to look up. There is a mechanical wheel on top of the (already tall) cabinet. This can land on some cash amounts, which get multiplied by your bet multiplier. Other times the pointer will strike one of three entertaining bonuses.

Batman Free Spins: Your free spins will be played out on the reels with the maximum number of symbols. At this point they are 8 symbols tall and 5 reels wide. This gives you a lot of winning chances. The bonus symbols are still in play, and you can play the progressive bonus sub game (as well as possibly enjoy huge wins) with 5 full stacks of symbols on the reels.

Catwoman’s High Rise Heist: This is an entertaining picks game. You zoom down a 1920’s style skyscraper, and then start to climb back up. You have to pick windows, which will either award cash amounts, extra picks or let you advance to the next floor. You need to avoid hitting ‘alarm’ symbols. As you rise, the prizes get bigger.

Batgirl’s Captives Feature: A completely different picks game sees 3 rows of cards on the screen. Above them you’ll find collection areas for Catwoman, a thug, a money bag and a diamond. Each have win amounts, with different numbers of picks needed. Your objective is to pick Catwoman as many times as possible, with the thugs coming second. If you fill the stars, you win the prize next to that character. You can also win extra picks.

Progressive Jackpots Picks Game

Getting 5 stacked reels in play is more frequent than you might think. There are some very long stacks of all the primary symbols spinning around. If you get 4, you’ll see a message pop-up, saying 5 are needed for this game.

A sequence then starts where the reels disappear, and a colourful montage of buildings rises then dissolves. You are faced with either 5 or 10 gold coins, depending on the maximum bet multiplier in play in your casino. The number of picks you get depends on your spin bet multiplier. If you bet at 5x ($2.50 per spin max) then you get to pick all 5 coins.

Each one will reveal either a credit amount, or one of the jackpots. Which jackpot will depend on whose picks game you won. Robin has the smallest amount, so you’d prefer Batgirl.

Regular Wins with Stacked Symbols and Wilds

You can spin this real money pokie from just 50c and up. That is a 1x multiplier, giving you a single pick in the progressive game.

Stacked symbols appear on the reels most spins. These include stacks of wild symbols, which substitute for the regular characters and filler symbols, though not the wheel bonus ones. If you get wild character symbols, you’ll see an excellent animation where the reels get covered in gold fire before going wild.

The main characters have the biggest wins. Batgirl and Catwoman take the lead, with Batman and Robin not far behind. Alfred, who was behind the scenes in the TV show, also appears in giant stack format. Filler symbols are props from the show, no playing cards to be found on the reels this time!

Spectacular Multi-Media Design

Batgirl and Catwoman is a lively machine, showcasing the best of the live pokies Aristocrat are creating these days. The characters have a dated appearance, though the design and animations are very much up to date.

I like the quotes which randomly play while you spin, and the small show sequences which come in before the bonus games. You can skip these, though they are short enough and worth watching at least once.

The reels expanding and contracting for each spin brings the base game to life. When you hit the bonus games, you’ll see the design move to a whole new level. Catwoman has the most interesting sequence, with the giant 1920’s skyscraper looking like a perfect fit with Gotham City.

As well as the amazing visuals, there are plenty of tunes. When you hit the bonus spins, a very complex jazz number starts to play. Though most of the time you’ll hear background music from the TV shows.

Holy Smoke! Why You Should Try Batgirl and Catwoman Soon.

This is not the first time slot makers have featured Batman and accomplices in pokies. IGT have some darker games, based on the more recent movies. Ash Gaming and Amaya have online casino games based on the old DC comics.

What Aristocrat have done with this game is bring the crazy old TV series to life. They have done it with style, and with enough features for an entertaining session. Check out the 3 bonus games, progressive picks and see if you can get lucky with lining up those stacked character symbols.

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