Bubble Craze Online Pokies

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Bubble Craze Online Pokies

Win by Collecting Groups of Bubbles in this Innovative Online Pokie

Bubble Craze is unlike any pokie you will have played online before. This game is more like a mobile phone ‘gems’ or ‘candy’ style format – though the chances of winning real cash come along with it. The idea is to match groups of bubbles, with bigger prizes for the biggest groups. The graphics are excellent. Bubble Craze is set underwater, with constant movement and realistic bursting sequences bringing the game to life. This pokie is made more interesting by including special bubbles along with the plain coloured ones.

Features Galore in IGT’s Bubble Craze

Bubble Craze has a free spins bonus round, where each ‘spin’ is guaranteed a win. Here are the highlights of this unusual gambling machine:

  • Groups of 4+ coloured bubbles win prizes with huge pay outs for 15+
  • Transform bubbles and Multiplier bubbles can boost wins on any spin
  • Win 5 free spins with more special bubbles guaranteeing wins every time

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How Bubble Craze Works: Setup

When you hit the spin button, your screen will clear of bubbles and a new set of them will float up from the bottom. These form a diamond shape. There are 5 rows with a 3-4-5-4-3 format from top to bottom. This gives you 19 bubbles in total.

Wins are calculated based on groups of 4 or more bubbles of the same colour touching. For most colours, 4 will only get you a fraction of your spin amount. Things get more interesting once you hit groups of 8 or more. It is possible to get more than one group of bubbles of different colours in a single spin.

Your huge wins will come those times you get silver, red, orange or yellow bubbles covering most of the ‘reels’. Silver bubbles have the biggest single prize. These are worth 10,000 coins for 19. Red get you 5,000 with the orange and yellow ones having a max prize of 2000.

Spins cost 50 coins – with coin sizes starting at just 1c. There is an auto-play option available which allows you to sit back and enjoy the dynamic action.

What really makes this real money pokie come to life are the special bubbles – these are covered below.

Bubble Craze Pokies: Special Bubbles

In addition to the 8 colours of regular bubbles, there are 3 ‘special’ bubbles, which have different designs.

  • Transform Bubbles: These have a design inside that looks like the points of a compass. You’ll be pleased to see them, as they virtually guarantee a win. These symbols will transform any around them into the same colour. Big wins will come when you get 2 or more on the same spin.
  • Multiplier Bubbles: The pay table of this pokie already includes big prizes – especially when you get to 12 or more of the same coloured bubble on a single spin. Multipliers can give these prizes a boost of between 2x and 5x. These bubbles are common, you will see them on a lot of spins. To benefit, you need to have them included in a group of 4+ matching symbols.
  • Free Spins Bubbles: These have a spiral inside, like a multi-coloured atom. You need 3 to trigger a free spins bonus game. This is short, with only 5 spins each time. The benefit is that you get more transform symbols and more multipliers – and are guaranteed a win on each of the 5 spins. There is no retrigger for this bonus, though you’ll find it intensive – and hopefully very profitable.

Design of the Bubble Craze Pokies

This game is lively as well as unique. When you hit the spin button, all the bubbles currently on the screen will burst. New ones will wobble their way from the bottom, quickly forming the same grid pattern. Any transformations then take place and the coloured groups are highlighted (the rest of the bubbles grey out).

The first time each of the special bubbles appear, a message shows which explains what they do. You can click to not see this message again.

While you spin, upbeat electronic music plays. There are also plenty of underwater bubbling sounds, and the regular pops of the bubbles. Free spins see the intensity of the music step up (which matches the more intensive game-play).

Should You Try the Bubble Craze Pokies?

IGT have come up with an innovative game with Bubble Craze. This keeps the slot ‘feel’, though looks more like a mobile phone gems game. Big wins are possible with big groups of the same coloured bubble – with multiplier symbols able to give these a boost of up to 5x. With extra transform symbols, the free spins bonus guarantees you 5 wins – the question is, how big will they be?

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