Galaxy Goddess Pokies Review

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6 Reels and Replicating Wild Stacks in this Mystic Themed Poker Machine

Based on the name, you might have been expecting a sci-fi themed online pokie. Instead, you’ll find Galaxy Goddess from Aristocrat has a mystic theme. The goddess from the title is a druid type, and the rest of the symbols include gems, golden goblets and harps. This is a big slot, with 6 reels instead of the usual 5. Two of these reels are framed in gold – they play a special role when stacked symbols appear in them.

Interesting Features of the Galaxy Goddess Pokie:

Like all Aristocrat pokies, the game-play is solid and enjoyable. This game also offers some unique features making a refreshing change from the standard setup. Here are the highlights:

  • Huge Reels: There are 6 reels, each with 4 rows of symbols in play.
  • Replicating Wild Stacks: When you fill reels 2 or 5 with a single symbol, this can replicate to the left and / or right.
  • Free Spins: Wild symbols now have a 2x multiplier, and wilds appear stacked on the reels that can replicate.

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How the Replicating Wild Symbols Work

If you get stacked symbols covering all 4 spots of either reel 2 or 5, these stacks will sometimes cover the adjoining reels. Two things need to be in place for this to happen.

First, there needs to be at least one more of the stacked symbol either to the left or the right. Second, a win needs to be possible. If no win can be created by the replicated reels, then this does not happen.

A dream scenario would be to have the same stacked symbol on both special reels – plus one more of this symbol on each of the remaining 4 reels. That would give you complete coverage, winning the maximum from all 30 win-lines.

Special Reels also Trigger Free Spins

Bonus symbols only appear on reels 2 and 4 – the gold framed special reels. These symbols do not replicate, though they do trigger the bonus games. You need to fill both reels with bonus symbols to trigger this.

You get 10 free spins, and some extra benefits. Wild symbols now appear on reels 2 and 4. These are stacked – and can replicate in both directions if wins are possible. As an extra boost, wilds (both the special reel ones and regular ones) now get a 2x multiplier.

If you get stacked wilds on both reels, and one wild on each of the other reels, you can get the entire 6×4 grid covered in these symbols for a mega win.

Setup and Key Winning Combinations

This is a rare real money online pokie, having 6 reels instead of the regular 5 has been done before – though not with the special replicating reels. For such a big reel setup, 30 win-lines is on the low side. You will bet in increments of 45 cents. This covers all 30 lines, plus the special bonus symbols.

The goddess is the top paying symbol – looking mysterious with a golden tiara. There are two men on the reels, both looking seriously from the reels with gold frames and different coloured swirling backgrounds. Golden harps and golden goblets complete the esoteric line up of unique symbols.

Instead of playing cards, coloured gems are used as the filler symbols. Each one has a unique design and is part of a gold broach. Wild symbols are the Galaxy Goddess logos, these connect wins by substituting for the other symbols. They can come in very useful by connecting the replicating stacks during the base game.

Galaxy Goddess Pokie Design

Having such a big grid of reels gives this slot an intense feel. There is a lot of detail in the symbols, and some excellent animations – especially when those stacked symbols change the adjoining reels. I like the fact that gems replace those all-too common playing cards.

Goddess symbols are slightly oversized and are drawn in a lot of detail – standing out on the reels. The princes look a little too serious for me, though are equally as detailed. There is an atmospheric background tune, which steps up a level to become dramatic during your free spins bonus.

Is the Galaxy Goddess Pokie Out of this World?

This machine makes a refreshing change from most Aristocrat pokies. Having the extra reel gives it a more involved feel – though it is the special replicating reels which are the key attraction. Get stacked symbols in these, and you could be looking at triggering prizes on all 30 lines at once. Wild multipliers make the free spins worth hitting too.

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