Go Bananas Online Pokies

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Go Bananas

A Monkey Themed Pokie where Wilds Take Over the Reels

Go Bananas from NetEnt is an online pokie centred around the actions of five animated monkeys. There’s a gorilla, an orangutan, a baboon, a langur and a tarsier, each playing a different role in the game. Any time they appear, wilds appear too, keeping the slot game play varied and entertaining. Joining the monkeys on the reels are a bunch of fruit symbols, while jungle drums, jewels, grinning monkey statues and even a banana split join the fray.

NetEnt has designed a game where big rewards can come with any spin, ensuring action all the way. Here are the standout features of this medium variance real money online pokie:

  • Fun cartoon-style graphics sees the five animated monkey characters as the mainstays of the game.
  • Each time a monkey appears, a different arrangement of wild symbols will appear on the reels, leading to potentially big wins.
  • Land more than one monkey on the reels during any spin and those wilds can literally take over.

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Go Bananas Pokies: Monkey Wilds Feature

As well as the standard symbols, the five monkeys add something different to the game. Each time they appear they will convert their own symbol into a wild. They also change other around them, based upon a set pattern. Here are the wild patterns generated for each monkey:

  • Wild Gorilla – A total of 5 wild symbols are generated, in the pattern of an X.
  • Wild Orangutan – A total of 4 wild symbols are generated, in the pattern of a square.
  • Wild Baboon – A total of 3 wild symbols are generated, in the pattern of a vertical line.
  • Wild Langur – A total of 3 wild symbols are generated, in the pattern of a horizontal line.
  • Wild Tarsier – A total of 2 wild symbols are generated, in the pattern of either a vertical or a horizontal line.

Any time one of the monkeys appears on the reels, these wilds appear immediately, transforming into banana wilds. The bananas will substitute for any other symbol in the game.

Big Wins Come from Multiple Monkeys

You will occasionally see a number of monkeys on the reels and they can work together to create a whole range of wilds. You’ll regularly see spins where wilds fill more than half of the reels, while it can go much further than that. For example, if you were to land the wild baboon on each of the five reels, every one of those reels would now be filled with 3 vertically arranged wilds. Yes, the whole of the reels would become wild – offering up a mega win!

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