Gong Xi Fa Cai Pokies

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Progressive Jackpots and Multiplier Symbols Feature in this Asian Themed Pokie

Many Asian themed online pokies have only a single bonus feature. IGT’s Gong Xi Fa Cai gives you a lot more action! This game has a host in the form of a small avatar. It shows a guy in traditional costume. He collects coins (which can unlock the jackpot game) – and will react to your wins too. Otherwise this is a well-produced, though standard Asian style game. The reels are filled with traditional symbols like lions, dragons and golden coins.

You can win 5 progressive jackpots from this real money online pokie. These are shown one above each reel while you spin. There are also multipliers added to winning symbols which can give those line hits a huge boost. Add to this a free spins bonus round, and you’ll have plenty to keep you engaged. Here are the key components:

  • Win one of 5 progressive jackpots via a gem-picking game
  • Line hits can get multipliers of 2x 3x or 5x at random via special symbols on reel 1
  • Free spins have richer reels, for more (and bigger) wins

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Gong Xi Fa Cai Pokies: Win Multiplier System

This game uses blank spaces on the reels – filling them with one of the higher paying symbols (lion, dragon, fish and lantern) on every spin. This means you’ll see one of these over-represented on every spin.

Your biggest wins will come when you get special multipliers attached to these big winning symbols on the first reels. Most will be 2x, though 3x and 5x can also appear. These will count for all 3 of a kind and up wins – potentially giving your prizes a boost over several win-lines.

Progressive Jackpots Gems Game

Small gold coins will fly from the reels to the bottom left of your screen after most spins. They will be caught by a friendly looking guy. At random, he will invite you to a gems game, where you will win one of the progressive jackpots.

On the left of your screen, you will find 4 rows of ornate red and gold boxes. When you click on them, they open, revealing a coloured gem. This moves to the right, where each jackpot has a matching colour – filling up one of 3 holes. You simply keep clicking until you fill up 3 holes for one jackpot, which you are then awarded.

Free Spins with Richer Reels

The features for Gong Xi Fa Cai also include a free spins bonus. You only get 8 free spins with 3 of the special bonus symbols, though this feature is worth having. Many of the smallest paying playing card symbols are removed from the reels. This makes them ‘richer’ – more likely to pay out a big win.

With the multipliers appearing frequently, you never know when those big wins will get a boost of up to 5x!

Gong Xi Fa Cai Pokie Setup

This is a regular 5×3 pokie, with 50 win-lines. You can spin from 50c and up in multiples of this amount. Wild symbols have the single biggest prize – as well as being useful for connecting winning combinations. These are worth 600 for 5 in the base game, and 750 for 5 during the free spins.

Next some the symbols which are switched on each spin. These include a dragon (550 coins for 5), phoenix, carp and lion. Playing card symbols make up the smaller wins.

Classic Asian Pokie Design

While Gong Xi Fa Cai stands out in terms of the complexity of the game-play, the design is very much classical for Asian style pokies. The avatar of the large, friendly guy on the bottom right adds a lot of life to the reels. He looks like catching those coins is a lot of fun, and that he is genuinely happy for your bigger wins!

The reels are surrounded by ornate gold, with the jackpots above each of them with coloured backgrounds. A red, swirling pattern can be seen behind the reels. There are a lot of animations for this game. Even the smaller wins (playing cards) will spring to life when they create a winning combination. You’ll hear an upbeat version of a traditional Asian tune while you spin – and plenty of smaller special effects too.

Will Gong Xi Fa Cai Bring You a Pot of Gold?

IGT has produced a fast and entertaining Asian pokie with Gong Xi Fa Cai. There is plenty going on in terms of graphical animations – and plenty going on with the game-play too. You can get instant multipliers for the bigger line hits, play a picks game for jackpot prizes and enjoy free spins with richer reels – all while hosted by a friendly avatar in traditional clothing!

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