Lucky Tree Online Pokies

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Lucky Tree

An Asian Themed Pokie Where Money Literally Grows on Trees

Who would not love a tree which grew, and then randomly dropped, gold coins from its branches? On the Lucky Tree pokies from Bally, this is exactly what happens. The coins have a square in the middle, and when they land on the reels they turn into wild symbols.

Bright colours pop out from the design of this game. While the symbols are recognisable standards like a koi carp and dragon, they look amazing. Combine this with free spins and a simple picks game, and you have an Asian themed slot which stands out from others in this crowded niche. Here are the key reasons to check out the Lucky Tree pokies:

  • Coins can fall from the tree after any spin, adding wild symbols to the reels.
  • Win 10 free spins, where coins fall every single time
  • Lucky cat picks game for instant wins
  • Amazing design with colours that leap out at you from the reels

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How the Lucky Tree Gold Coins Feature Works

You can’t miss the tree. This has a golden trunk, and snakes up right over the reels. On the live version of the Lucky Tree pokies, this towers above the reels, showing 100’s of gold coins on the branches. For the online version, space is at a premium. Here you will see the bottoms of gold coins above the reels and the tree trunk to the right.

This tree will frequently shake. What you are hoping for is that the shaking continues for a little longer, and gold coins fall from the branches.

Sometimes, only 2 or 3 coins will fall – creating wilds when they land. Other times you’ll get 6 or 7, covering large areas of the reels. How much you win depends on what high paying symbols those wilds can combine with. You won’t always have big wins from this, though it is frequent enough that the smaller wins start to add up.

Free Spins Bonus with Frequent Coin Drops

Bonus symbols are golden yin yang symbols. These appear on the middle 3 reels only. If you get all 3 you will receive 10 free spins. The potential for this free spins bonus is huge – as the coins will drop from the tree on every single spin. A lively traditional Asian tune will play while your free spins play out.

Cat Picks Bonus

The final bonus feature is a simple picks game. This is triggered by the lucky white cat (the type with a waving paw) landing on reels 1, 3 and 5. You then see 3 spheres and choose one to reveal the number of picks you have for the next part of the game. This will be between 6 and 15 picks.

You then pick from a grid to reveal characters. The number of each character determines how much you win. These characters are cartoon animals, which correspond to Chinese years. For example, a pig, monkey and snake.

Lucky Tree Pokie Setup and Regular Wins

Underneath the unique tree / coin game-play, there is a regular real money pokie with 30 win-lines and a 5×3 setup. Dragons are the highest paying symbol by a long way – though you need to get them without using wilds to get the biggest prize. Other higher paying symbols include the golden frog, dragon and koi carp.  Bamboo shoots and flowers are the middle prize symbols, with playing cards making up those smaller wins.

Glittering and Contrasting Design

Unlike the majority of Asian pokies, the dominant colour for Lucky Tree is pink. This contrasts with the golden trunk of the tree and the gold coins which hang from it. The way the symbols pop out of the screen is excellent – even by the already high standards of Bally pokies, this is a beautifully produced game.

Lotus blossom can be seen in the background, and a gentle traditional tune plays while you spin. There are tinkling sound effects when the tree shakes, dropping those coins with an amazingly smooth animation.

Should You Plant the Seeds of Your Own Lucky Tree?

Random wilds symbols are nothing new, though the way these appear on the reels works brilliantly with the Asian theme. Even the most random losing spin can suddenly turn into a big win if those coins land in the right places.

If you get the free spins games, you’ll have the potential for big wins every spin – as the coins fall every time. There is also a unique and entertaining picks game, involving different characters from the Chinese years.

There are a lot of Asian themed pokies around, though Lucky Tree is different enough (and well enough produced) to effectively stand out from the crowd.

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