Mayan Treasures Online Pokies

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Mayan Treasures

Ancient South American Jungles are the Setting for this Unique Pokie

The Mayan civilisation was advanced for it’s time. They left behind distinctive stonework and the myths concerning a golden city of El Dorado. Whether or not you come away with a haul of gold after playing Mayan Treasures, you’ll enjoy the jungle sights and sounds along the way.

This is not a complex game. In fact, only the free spins bonus has any notable features at all. In a world where casino pokies are becoming ever more complex, this makes for a refreshing change. When those free spins do come along, wilds on different reels take separate roles in the game-play. Here are the highlights:

  • Beautifully produced, relaxing online pokie with the sights and sounds of the Mayan civilisation.
  • Win 5 free spins, which can be easily extended with special symbols
  • Double and triple wilds also appear during this bonus game

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Mayan Treasures Free Spins Bonus Games

While it is common enough to see special bonus symbols on the middle 3 reels, they have a different look in this game. Each bonus symbol is a stone slab, with ‘Free’, ‘Games’ and ‘Bonus’ written on them from left to right.

Hitting all 3 will get you 5 free spins, though as you will see below this is just the start – those spins can be extended several times over.

The new darker reels now show stone inscriptions above the reels. Here is what they say:

  • Reel 2: 2x Wilds – any wilds landing here will double any wins they become a part of.
  • Reel 3: 3x Wilds – the same concept as above, only these wilds triple your wins
  • Reels 4 and 5 – Extra Games – if a wild lands in this zone, extra games are added to your total.

The first question which came to my mind in this bonus game was whether the win multipliers work together? The good news is that they do. This means if a win crosses both the 2x and 3x wilds, it gets a huge 6x multiplier compared to what is listed on the pay table.

More good news is that wilds can come stacked. This makes it possible to get full coverage of reels 2 and 3 – with some extra wilds on reels 1, 4 and 5 too. The big win potential explodes with this system in place.

Simple Base Game Setup for Mayan Treasures

Compared to the intensity of the free spins bonus game, the base game is solid and relaxing. Bally have used a 5-reel, 4-row setup – and 40 (non-adjustable) win-lines. You can bet for 40c and up, with the max bet at around $2 in live casinos and much higher than this online. If you are enjoying the online version, then you can also use auto-play.

Winning symbols are led by the tree frogs and ancient Mayan jewels. There are ornate gold and purple tablets showing a chief, and necklaces / bangles studded with dark gemstones. Playing card symbols are used, though at least these are given a suitably ancient look – like carved gems.

Statues and Tree-Frogs Design

Mayan Treasures does not stand out from the many other real money pokies themed around ancient South American civilisations. It is designed to be serene, with muted colours outside of the sparkling historic jewels on the reels.

Behind the reels you will see a carved circular stone with a face in the middle. Of the symbols, the tree frogs, which are seen sitting on a leaf (complete with orange feet) stand out. The intensity of the game-play during the free spins is highlighted by dramatic drumming music. Those markers above the reels showing what happens to the wilds are also different to the main game. By contrast the base game is relaxed, with ambient jungle sounds plus the familiar electronic noises from Bally.

If you do manage to win big, the tranquillity of the theme will be instantly shattered. I’m sure you wont mind the modern music and coin fountain while your prize is totalled up!

Will this Slick Mayan Pokie Uncover Treasures for You?

I liked this game, despite the fact that it only really has one interesting feature. The main (base) game is designed to be solid and relaxing. Just when the tranquil jungle scenes become the norm, things get intense quick! The free spins features, 2x and 3x wilds, along with extra spins for wilds in the last 2 reels. This can extend your bonus game for a long time – plenty enough time to hit those big wins.

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