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Money Talks

3-Reel Gaming with Exciting Bonus Action

While 3-reel pokies have been around for decades, they are enjoying a renaissance on casino floors. With transparent displays overlaid on the mechanical reels, new bonus games are made possible. Money Talks from Bally is a great example of this hybrid setup. You’ll spin cylinders – and line up traditional symbols like 7’s and bars. On top of this are plenty of bonus games.

You can’t miss the big wheel at the top of the cabinet. This includes a jackpot, free spins games and cash prizes. There is also a picks game, which can lead to the free spins. With money bag symbols that increase in value as your spins progress – there are plenty of reasons to talk about this Bally pokie. Here are the highlights:

  • Traditional 3-reel gaming with 27 winning combinations
  • U-Spin bonus wheel which can trigger the ‘Super Jackpot’
  • Pick money bags for free spins or cash wins
  • Free spins can be extended, with money bags getting more valuable the longer you spin

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Spin the Money Talks Bonus Wheel

You need to hit the special wheel symbol in the middle position of reel 3 to spin the bonus wheel. This is multi-coloured, standing out from the traditional symbols.

A voice over kicks in, telling you to swipe the screen. Bally developed ‘u-spin’ technology. They use this in a lot of their casino pokies. The idea is that you control how fast (and sometimes which direction) the wheel spins. This is based on how you swipe the screen. U-spin gives you a lot more control than simply pressing a ‘Spin’ button.

On the wheel are different cash amounts – which go up as your bet size rises. There are free spins segments and one for the ‘Super Jackpot’. That jackpot is not a life-changing wide area progressive, though would be a welcome addition to anyone’s gambling bankroll!

Free Spins Bonus with Increasing Money Bag Prizes

You can win 10 free spins via the wheel bonus or the picks bonus. This game starts with a spin of the wheel, which now shows only cash amounts. This sets the baseline for the money bag symbols. Each time one of these hits anywhere on the reels during you free spins, you win the amount you got from this wheel spin.

Things get much better if you get a further wheel symbol on reel 3. This gives you 5 additional free spins. It also lets you spin the wheel once more, giving you a chance to increase your money bags prize. With a couple of these extra spins, those money bags can become very valuable.

Money Talks Pokies: Picks Bonus

This is a simple bonus game. If you get 3 money bags on the reels during the base game, you’ll be asked to pick one to win a prize.

Most of the time, these will be cash prizes (based on your bet size). Sometimes, you will uncover a free spins bonus in one of the bags.

3-Reel Setup: Money Talks has 27 Winning Combinations

With physical reels you will not always get symbols lining up square with the middle line. This does not mean you have to miss out. Money Talks has 27 winning combinations, effectively an ‘all ways’ setup for a 3-reel pokie. Bets are in 50c increments.

There are wilds in play, which can often cover entire reels. These link the regular symbols – though not the money bag or u-spin bonus symbols.

Regular prizes come from traditional red 7’s, bells and bars.

Hybrid Design of the Money Talks Pokies

These games look spectacular when you compare them to older 3-reel pokies. The transparent display used for graphics above the reels, plus the HD screen above them, bring the reels to life. You’ll see a coin fountain above the reels for big wins, money bags have the new win amount on top and the wilds appear to shimmer.

The wheel above the reels looks amazing too. This changes between the regular spins and the ones during the free spins bonus. While it is a graphics display, it slows down and stops just like a mechanical reel would.

Add the funky brass music Bally use for many pokies, and some game show like voice overs – and you have a 3-reel pokie which is anything but traditional.

Is the Money Talks Pokie Worth Shouting About?

This is an enjoyable pokie which I think could attract players more used to the 5-reel video style games. While the spins are traditional, the bonus action is what will keep you playing. This starts with a simple picks game or wheel spin. What you want is the free spins, where those money bag symbols can increase in value over and over again!

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