Pac Man Wild Edition Online Pokies

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Pac Man Wild Edition

An Entertaining Casino Poker Machine Based on the Classic Arcade Game

Pac Man the arcade game is almost 40 years old. With simple game play involving eating dots, the simple yellow circle with a triangle mouth has become a legend – known even to those born long after it’s creation. Ainsworth have created an entertaining pokie based on Pac Man. This slot game includes the yellow circle as the main character (and his floating enemies), along with amazing special effects and bonus games.

You won’t get to play Pac Man in the original form. Though the jackpot picks game does have a setup reminiscent of the original arcade game. There are some enjoyable features, including free spins with expanded reels, random bonuses and completely wild reels. Here are the reasons to become player 1 and give Pac Man Wild Edition a spin:

  • Get wild reels and trigger bonuses via a special area above the reels
  • Free spins have a huge set of reels for multi-line hits
  • Win progressive jackpots by picking routes for Pac Man to catch ‘ghosts’

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Special Row: The Grey Area Above the Reels

Pac Man Wild Edition features a regular 5×3 reel setup. Above the reels is a greyed-out area, which covers one more row of symbols across the reels.

On most spins, this will fill with ghosts – and nothing further happens. Sometimes you’ll see special symbols appearing in this area. These can be Pac Man, or key-shaped symbols.

When Pac Man appears, the reel beneath him will become completely wild. He will move down, adding a row of Pac Man symbols. If you are lucky enough to get this in 3+ reels at the same time, you could be looking at a huge win.

Key symbols can appear in the greyed-out spaces above reels 2, 3 and 4. When this happens, you get a message over the reels that you have triggered the wheel bonus game.

Wheel Bonus with Jackpot Sub-Game

Before you get to spin the wheel, you see an impressive animated sequence where pieces of retro arcade graphics explode away from the reels. Next a ‘virtual’ wheel appears, and you swipe the screen to spin. Most of the prizes are cash amounts (in coins). You can trigger the free spins bonus via this wheel, or best of all, the jackpot game.

This game starts with its own sequence. You see the ghosts from the Pac Man game, then a simplified setup from the original game. There are 3 lines of dots, and you are asked to pick one. Pac Man then goes up your path, catching the ghost – and revealing a jackpot.

There are 3 levels of progressive jackpot to be won.

Pac Man Wild Edition: Free Spins Bonus

Special golden Pac Man symbols trigger the free spins. While you only get 8 spins, the size of the reels more than makes up for the small number. There are now 9 rows of symbols in play – with the greyed-out area above them enabling wild reels as before.

With all the additional space you’ll get plenty of line hits – plus more opportunities to get extra bonus symbols for additional spins.

The final bonus is simple. A single Pac Man bonus symbol on reel 3 can expand, moving over the reels and eating any fruit symbols (attached to regular symbols at random). Cash prizes are awarded for each one.

Base Game Setup of the Pac Man Pokies

This pokie is so visually complex, that it might take you a moment to notice that there is a regular 5×3 reel setup with 50 win-lines as the basis. Wilds appear on the reels as single symbols, as well as appearing via the greyed-out area feature. Higher paying symbols show Pac Man, the ‘monsters’ he was always running from and their ghost versions. Lower paying symbols are the regular pokie playing cards.

Fresh and Intensive Arcade Game Design

Pac Man Wild Edition has a spectacular design which is a long way from the original 1980 version of the arcade game! Compared to many other games on the casino floor, it feels fresh and lively. You’ll hear the tunes and sound effects from the original game while you spin.

The wheel bonus is visually amazing, this is a virtual wheel, which does not appear to be attached to a central drum. I also enjoyed the free spins, where the reels literally tower above you.

Will Pac Man Wild Edition Pokies Give You an Extra Life?

An amazing pokie, Pac Man plays to Ainsworth’s strengths – providing plenty of material for spectacular effects and interesting bonus features. Having an additional row above the reels with special symbols in it makes the game play feel fresh. When you get the jackpots game or free spins, the creative graphics and sound effects are combined with chances to win big!

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