Samba de Frutas Online Pokies

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Samba de Frutas Online Pokies

Long Reels and Fruity Head Gear in this Lively Pokie

Just when you thought every topic imaginable was covered by one pokie software house or another – IGT have come up with something new. Samba de Frutas involves samba beats and towering hats which are literally brimming with fruit. You’ll find people in traditional costumes, parrots and even toucans sharing the reels. What really brings this game to life is the music – along with the cheers, whistles and shouts of the dancers.

Features Galore in IGT’s Samba de Frutas

With 8 symbols on each reel, there is plenty of room for the tall fruit / hat combinations. These are wild, having the potential to create a lot of wins. Add to this even richer free spins, and a party atmosphere, and you have an online pokie which is hard to dislike.

  • Big 5×8 Reel Setup, with 100 win-lines
  • Stacked wilds mean multiple line wins are common
  • Free spins with extra stacked wilds

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Fruit Headgear Wild Symbols

One symbol stands out on all the reels. This is brighter, and longer than every other symbol. At the bottom of it you will see the smiling face of a dancer. Above her is a towering pile of fruit (plus the occasional bird). This includes pineapples, bananas and grapes.

These symbols are 8x the size of the single symbols – covering entire reels.

Best of all, they are wild. These symbols replace all the regular symbols – including the higher paying dancers, mid-paying birds and filler playing cards. If you are lucky enough to get more than one covering an entire reel, the chance of a cheer coming (along with the 5 of a kind win sign) shoots up.

Free Spins Bonus Where the Samba Party Goes Wild

What better symbol for the free spins bonus on a samba-themed real money online pokie than a pair of maracas? These appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 only. If you get two of them, you’ll hear the ‘ohhhh’ sound effect from the crowd in anticipation of the 3rd dropping in.

You will only win 5 free spins for this bonus. The reels turn a darker blue, and the party music is more intensive than in the base game. The biggest change comes in the number of stacked fruit wilds on the reels. Your 5 spins are much ‘richer’ than the base game, giving you plenty of big winning opportunities.

Maracas do appear in the free spins – giving you a shot at retriggering for more wins. You’ll see a screen with the outline of a dancer to end the bonus, displaying the total won.

Samba de Frutas Unusual 8-Row Setup

You’ll find the reels of this pokie on the left of your screen, with a bright logo on the top right and the (simple) controls underneath. With 8 rows of symbols on each of 5 reels, they make an imposing sight. You can reduce the number of win-lines. I recommend sticking with the full 100 and lowering your coin size if needed. This gives you max benefit from the stacked wilds that appear on every reel.

If you line up 5 of those wilds, 1000 coins are coming your way for every win line covered. They can also make multi-line wins with the oversized (3 symbols tall) dancers, worth 500 coins a time. The bird symbols are 3 rows tall, and worth a maximum of 250 coins. Playing cards aces down to nines are the most frequent winning symbols. Wins with those can easily add up if you get them over multiple win-lines with the help of some wilds.

As well as triggering the free spins bonus, 3 of the maracas bonus symbols will pay 2x your total bet.

Crazy Samba Party Design

The main panel with the pokie logo to the right of the reels is made to look like a retro poster – advertising the Samba de Frutas party! This is beautifully drawn in bright yellow – contrasting to the palm-tree backed blue reels.

You can’t miss the fruit wilds on those reels. When big wins come in, the party crowd will cheer. They ‘ohhhh’ cheer is ended in ‘Kay’ when you do get either a big win or the bonus feature. When you trigger the free spins a different (livelier) samba tune plays. Thought the reels are now dark blue, the effects and animations are the same as in the base game.

Should You Put Fruit on Your Head and Enjoy this Pokie?

The good news is that you can have an enjoyable session on Samba de Frutas without putting fruit on your head at all. If you enjoy a light-hearted, vibrant game then this makes a great change from the more serious pokies out there. With unusually 8 row tall reels, stacked wilds and even richer free spins – there is a lot to get you into the (samba) party spirit!

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