Sky Rider: Silver Treasures Review

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Sky Rider: Silver Treasures review

A Fantasy Themed Game Featuring Dramatic Visual Effects

Silver Treasures is one of two Sky Rider pokies. The other one is Sky Rider: Golden Amulet. Silver Treasures features dragons, and a dangerous looking Asian lady who rides them. In many ways the game-play is standard Aristocrat fare. At the same time the level of drama on the reels with stunning visuals and edgy music helps this Sky Rider real money pokie to stand out.

Reasons to Take to the Skies with Sky Rider: Silver Treasures

If that beautiful and dangerous Asian princess on the top of the cabinet catches your eye on the casino floor – you’ll sit down to spin a pokie with the following features:

  • Stacked Symbols: You can cover entire reels with the same symbol. When you hit multi-reel stacked wins, they will merge into giant (and very impressive) graphics.
  • Strategic Choice in the Bonus Games: You can choose which symbol becomes mega-stacked, with the more valuable symbols having relatively fewer spins.
  • Mystery Option: This is popular, you can opt for a gamble, with the both the stacked symbol and number of spins left to chance.

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How to Trigger the Free Spins Choices?

Instead of needing 3 bonus symbols on the reels, you’ll need to hit 3 stacks of bonus symbols to trigger the free spins. Silver Treasures is a dramatic enough poker machine during regular play. When you hit the first 2 stacked bonus reels, the drama-level shoots up while you wait to see if that third one will hit.

You then go to a screen showing your choices for the bonus games. These are as follows:

  • Stacked wild symbols with 4 free Spins
  • Stacked princess symbols with 12 free spins
  • Stacked orange / gold dragon symbols with 15 free spins
  • Stacked blue dragon symbols with 18 free spins

On the left-hand side is a ‘Mystery Choice’ option. This randomly gives you between 4 and 18 free spins – and chooses the stacked symbol at random too. The best result here is 18 spins with stacked wilds. The worst would be blue dragons with 4 spins. This is the perfect option for those who like to gamble while they are playing.

You will notice significantly more of the chosen symbols on the reels when the spins start. It is possible to cover the entire set of reels with them if you get lucky.

30 and 40 Line Setups

There are 3 rows of symbols on a 5-reel setup for this pokie. There are two options for the win-lines, either 30 or 40 are available. With bets starting at just 1c per line, this game is accessible to players with many bankroll levels. Max bets top out at $4 for the 40-line play.

Those stacked symbols and plenty of wilds (logo symbols) mean wins are regular. It is possible to trigger all the win-lines at once on this pokie.

Princesses and Dragons: The Winning Symbols

Silver Treasures uses a lot of the same symbols as the other Sky Rider pokie – Golden Amulet. The main difference is the top paying princess. On Silver Treasures this is a fierce, yet beautiful Asian lady. When you win over several reels, she will stand up, showing this graphic in stunning detail.

Two dragons will also grow when you get multi-reel stacked wins. These are detailed, with the orange / gold one having a distinctive snout, and the blue one spreading its forked wings. Other winning symbols include a spell book and golden compass. Playing cards are used as fillers (though do not reduce the overall drama of this pokie).

Sky Rider: Silver Treasures Dramatic Design

Visual and audio effects are the key reason to choose this Aristocrat pokie. The lady staring at you from the top of the reels is amazingly drawn, and only a hint of what is to come. While you spin a soundtrack that would suit an epic fantasy battle scene kicks in. There are also plenty of animations. Look out for wins with multiple stacked reels. Here the symbols merge, becoming a huge and vivid animation.

Will Sky Rider: Silver Amulet Land You a Dragon’s Hoard?

Simple Aristocrat game-play, combined with dramatic effects make the Sky Rider pokies a popular option. Many of the solid, enjoyable pokies do suffer from older and more basic graphics. This one makes up for this with some of the best fantasy animations you’ll find on the casino floor.

There is plenty of big-win potential – especially during the free spins bonus games. Here you’ll see a ton of stacked symbols. Which ones are stacked is up to you to choose!

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