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Join a Wealthy Skunk on the Reels of this IGT Classic

Some unlikely online pokies become classics – and Stinkin’ Rich from IGT is one of them. Like many good pokies, the title is a play on words. Some of the symbols show members of a very wealthy family, while others a skunk and smelly food items. The overall look is now getting dated, though is bright and entertaining. You’ll hear cartoon sound effects and a jolly theme tune while you spin.

There are two bonus games to help you become stinkin’ rich while you play. One is a simple picks game, while the other involves a free spins bonus with different designs on the reels. There is also plenty of scope for those bigger line wins.

Great Reasons to Play Stinkin’ Rich:

  • Unusual reel setup with shorter middle reel and 100 win-lines
  • Stacked wild (skunk) symbols for multi-line hits
  • Trash for Cash picks game for win multipliers right on the reels
  • Free spins bonus round with potential for a lot of spins

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Trash for Cash: A Simple On-Reel Picks Game

On reels 3, 4 and 5 you will see special symbols which show words squashed into a trash can. If you get all 3, a message appears on the left – asking you to pick one.

This is a simple game, you’ll get a multiplier which applies to your win – and see the results of the two cans you did not pick.

Stinkin’ Rich Free Spins Bonus Round

This bonus is triggered by symbols which say ‘Keys to Riches’. These only appear on the first 3 reels. The way the number of free spins awarded is calculated depends on how many active win-lines those symbols land on. You get 5 for each win-line. Unfortunately, they are not stacked, so while possible to trigger a few lines at once, you can’t get 500 free spins!

You will first see a sequence where a safe us unlocked before going to a different set of reels. The background to the game changes, and so do the pictures of the rich family – who are now shown on an expensive vacation. Prizes match those in the base game.

It is possible to get more free spins with the key symbols. You can also trigger the trash for cash feature during these spins.

Stacked Wild Symbols and Big Scatter Prizes

The skunk who is aiming to become stinkin’ rich plays an important role as the wild symbol. This appears in long strips on the reels, as well as individually. It will substitute for the regular symbols, though not the scattered skunks or bonus symbols. A well-placed strip of wilds can enable wins over a lot of the 100 win-lines.

Scatters appear individually. These show a rich skunk! They work the same was as scatters on countless real money online pokies – paying a multiple of your total bet based on the number in view. You’ll get 100x your triggering bet if you see all 5 on the same spin.

Unusual Reel Shape + Line Wins

There are two unusual things about the shape of the reels for this gambling machine. First, there are 5 rows of symbols. Second, the middle reel is shorter, having only 3 rows of symbols. This gives a 5-5-3-5-5 setup, with 100 win-lines covering them. You can adjust the number of win-lines – and bet from just 1c per line and up from there.

Some of the line prizes are big. The lady of the house (looking snooty in a green dress) is worth 10,000 coins for 5. The man is worth 1,000, while two younger characters will get you 500 coins apiece. Smaller wins come from the cartoon-style stinking food. This includes the garlic, a fish and some smelly cheese!

Cartoon Capers: Stinkin’ Rich Pokie Design

It is the sound effects, more than the graphics, which give Stinkin’ Rich a comedy feel. There is a fun tune, and the kind of sound effects where a cartoon character gets hit over the head while you spin. The designs might be dated, though they don’t take away from the enjoyment. There are some smaller animations, for example the trash can lids opening and the safe opening sequence before the free spins.

Does this Smell Like a Good Pokie to You?

This game has become a bit of a classic, and I recommend you overlook the simple design and give it a play. Stacked wilds and an unusual reel setup keep things interesting in the base game. There is a picks game to break up your spins, though the free spins and big line hits are where the biggest prizes will come from.

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