The Rolling Stones Pokies by Aristocrat

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The Rolling Stones review

A Multimedia Pokie Based on the Iconic Band

The Rolling Stones are one of the most successful bands ever. They have been filling stadiums for 50 years. This colourful Aristocrat pokie features Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie – with songs and performance clips to keep you entertained.

You might notice that the Stones look younger than their current form while you play. The setting is the 1980’s, and the huge ‘Steel Wheel’ tour. You will get to select a song to hear while you spin – and can enjoy bonus features which involve spinning a giant record.

Reasons to Start Up the Rolling Stones Pokie

Fans of the band will enjoy the songs and clips – though there are some great game-play reasons to check out this poker machine. Here are the highlights:

  • 6 Reels: Each reel includes stacked symbols showing the band members for mega-wins.
  • Wild Licks: look out for the tongue symbol, which can randomly lick wilds onto the reels.
  • Steel Wheel Bonus: Spin a record for cash wins and bonus games.
  • World Tour Bonus: Pick flags for instant wins.
  • Start Me Up Free Spins: Huge reels with sticky wilds.

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Triggering the Steel Wheel

To get to the bonus games, you need a minimum of 3 special ‘Steel Wheels’ symbols. These are oversized, and only need to be partially on the reels to count. You will also get a scatter prize for up to 6 of these.

However many bonus symbols you get, you’ll get to spin a giant record on the top screen of the cabinet. This contains a mix of segments showing bonus games and cash wins – some of these are big. Any cash prizes are multiplied by your bet multiplier.

Start Me Up Free Spins

This free spins game is named after the famous song. This will play while you spin. Instead of the regular reels, you’ll play this bonus on the narrow upper screen of the cabinet.

Instead of the usual 40 win-lines, you get to spin on 80 with extra tall reels. This is not the only extra. While you play the famous tongue will appear and lick the reels. This leaves golden tongue wilds, which remain stuck in place for the remainder of your free spins. Sometimes there will be pairs of wilds, other times longer strips or even blocks.

By the end of your 8 free spins, a lot of spots on the reels can be covered in these wilds – giving you big win opportunities.

World Tour Picks

Compared to the drama of the free spins, this bonus game is simple. You get 2 rows of the licks symbols, each with a country flag on the tongue. You will have 4 picks, which will reveal cash amounts – some bigger ones with pictures of the band.

On-Reel Licks Bonus

The licks symbol can be found on the reels. There is something disconcerting about the way the tongue wiggles when it does! In addition, a bigger version can appear over the reels at random before any spin. This licks the reels, giving you extra wilds.

These can be entire reels, 2×2 blocks or smaller groups. The reels then spin as normal, and you’ll hope to connect several wins.

The Rolling Stones Pokie Base Game Setup

Unusually, this pokie has 6 reels instead of the usual 5. There are 40 win-lines, though you bet in increments of 50c to include the bonus features.

Big wins come from lining up the band members. These are stacked on the reels and will merge into giant symbols showing the band member in action when you get a win with adjacent stacks. The wild licks symbols are common on the reels and will often connect several wins.

Instead of playing card fillers, the small prize symbols are all band-related. These include drums, microphones and guitars.

Rocking Poker Machine Design

Plenty of clips and animations keep the Rolling Stones real money pokie lively. I also like the way that each of the features is themed around either a tour or a song. You can pick your favourite Rolling Stones song via a button on the bottom left of the lower screen – and change it at any time.

The wheel bonus looks amazing, just like a vinyl record spinning around. Band members appear surprisingly young. Keith Richards was strikingly different looking in the 1980’s!

Will the Rolling Stones Pokie Bring You Satisfaction?

It is great to see a pokie where the game-play is just as good as the multimedia design. This game is sure to be a hit with fans of the band – though even if you only enjoy the odd song, there are some great reasons to play.

Random wilds in the base game and the picks bonus round are worth having. Things really do move up a level when the free spins start. Double-sized reels, plus sticky wilds give you the potential to line up some huge wins.

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